EAA statement on the aftermath of earthquakes in Turkey and Syria

11 February 2023

Adopted by the Executive Board of the European Association of Archaeologists (EAA), on behalf of the Association

The European Association of Archaeologists expresses its deepest sympathies to those affected by the severe and increasing loss of life in Syria and Turkey, caused by the earthquakes of 6th February 2023 and their aftershocks. We note with great sadness the terrible post-earthquake conditions and that there is inadequate shelter, food or water for many thousands of people. As archaeologists, we are also dismayed that important cultural heritage sites have been badly affected - the Ancient city of Aleppo in Syria, on the World Heritage in Danger List due to conflict, has been further damaged by the earthquakes, and Gaziantep Castle in Turkey has also suffered severe damage. We sadly expect to hear that more precious cultural heritage sites have been damaged as the news unfolds.

We support all efforts to help this dire situation, including by fellow heritage organisations such as ICOMOS. We also stand willing to assist in any ways we can to our fellow archaeologists and heritage experts, and their efforts relating to cultural heritage