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for 24th EAA Annual Meeting in Barcelona.

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for 24th EAA Annual Meeting in Barcelona is open until 10 November 2017.

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at the Opening Ceremony of the 23rd Annual Meeting in Maastricht

The 2017 Student Award

has been awarded to Emma Brownlee and the Runner-Up Student Award to Yftinus van Popta.

New email address

helpdesk@e-a-a.org will ensure prompt replies to your queries regarding EAA membership, Annual Meeting or anything related to EAA.

New THEMES volume has just been published

Members can buy all THEMES volumes at 30% discount

The 19th European Archaeological Heritage Prize

has been awarded to Unità di Crisi e di Coordinamento Regionale Marche del Ministero dei beni e delle attività culturali e del turismo

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