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If you wish to donate all or part of your Annual Meeting registration fee to EAA, please let us know at helpdesk@e-a-a.org by 14 June. Such generosity will help support the EAA to go forward after a year in which it has suffered considerable financial loss.

Thank you to all those who have alreday donated, it is much appreciated!

EAA 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting

EAA will organise a Virtual Annual Meeting in the same week as the cancelled onsite meeting: 24 - 30 August 2020. All current (2020) members are welcome to take part in this year meeting.

EAA Budapest Annual Meeting registration fee refunds

The Annual Meeting registration fees will be refunded to delegates between 18 June and 17 July - please let us know in case there are any changes that may impat the refund process. For administrative reasons it is not possible to use the fee to cover the registration of any future EAA Annual Meeting.

EAA 2022 Annual Meeting in Budapest

The Annual Meeting in Budapest, Hungary will be held in 2022 as the 28th EAA Annual Meeting, detailed information will be announced soon.

The EAA Annual Meeting in Belfast, Northern Ireland is moved to 2023, the 29th EAA Annual Meeting

27th EAA Annual Meeting

EAA signs Memorandum of Understanding with Kiel University. The 27th Annual Meeting will take place in Kiel, Germany from 8-11 September 2021.

Looking back at the 25th EAA AM in Bern:

  • 1866 registrants
  • 166 sessions
  • 1747 presentations

More detailed reports to follow.

EAA Annual Membership Business Meeting

was held on Friday 6 September at 17:45 in Hauptgebäude (Main Building), Bern University, Room No. 210. Please see details and reports here.

Search EAA Repository

The EAA Repository now contains all sessions and presentations accepted for the 24th EAA Annual Meeting in Barcelona and 25th EAA Annual Meeting in Bern. The content will be updated annually.

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Read New Issue of TEA 64 - Spring 2020


European Heritage Prize deadline extended until 15 June

nomination form available here

Europe Day Manifesto

“Cultural Heritage: a powerful catalyst for the future of Europe”, signed by EAA as well, just released. Read more and sign here.

New issue of EJA (23-2) now available

EAA signs joint letter to the European Commission

Find out more about proposals regarding the ways to cope with the consequences of COVID-19 on Creative Europe and the European Cultural and Creative Sectors here.

NEMO responds to the COVID-19 outbreak

Read statement on COVID-19's impact on the European museum sector issued by NEMO (Network of European Museum Organisations).

EAA becomes partner of the European Archaeology Days (EAD)


Deadline: 1 June 2020.

EAA statement on threats against heritage

EAA endorses the statements of criticism issued by numerous organizations and international bodies against President Trump´s threats to target Iranian Cultural Heritage sites.

EAA 2019 surveys' results

Executive Board's and membership's surveys are available here.

New THEMES volume has just been published

Members can buy all THEMES volumes at 30% discount

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