TH1-08 - Under the Raised Roof: Creating the Space for Family and Community
From the edge of the settlement to the centre of attention - new building remains from Kleinklein(A) / Marko Mele, Slovenska Bistrica, Slovenia
Creating a home. Ritual practice related to houses in a terp settlement in the northern Netherlands / Annet Nieuwhof, University of Groningen, De Punt
At the hearth. Daily life, and domestic architecture in Early Iron Age farmsteads of Western Denmark / Niels Algreen Meller, Museums of South West Jutland, Ribe
Understanding household activities: an examination of two Medieval dwellings in Atlantic Scotland / Niall Sharples, Cardiff University
Family space vs. community space from the perspective of settlements from the Lower Danube Region / Andrei Mircea Magureanu, Institute of Archaeology Vasile Parvan, Bucharest; Bogdan Ciuperca, History and Archaeology Prahova County Museum, Ploiesti
Building on buildings: creating a solid foundation for the contextualisation of building remains / Daniël Postma, Groningen Institute of Archaeology, Lelystad
The use of architecture as cultural and socially discriminators in Iron Age Denmark / Niels Haue, Historical Musem of Northern Jutland, Aalborg
Charting the microstratigraphic life-cycle of an early Roman urban property, Roman Silchester, UK / Rowena Banerjea, University of Reading; et al.
‘Private’ spaces???... Reconstructing the living-rooms’ of medieval castles / Karen Dempsey, Dublin, Ireland