TH1-02 - Petrification Proccesses in (Pre-)History
Petrification: a Concrete Comprehensive Diachronic Concept for Past Process Comparison / Sophie Hueglin, Newcastle University, Basel, Switzerland
When did eternity end? The so called downfall of Linear Pottery culture / Eric Biermann, Köln, Germany
The hardness and the eternal: petrification of human images and social contradiction / Marina Gallinaro; Alessandro Vanzetti, University of Rome
Stony landscape, petrified society? Relations between landscape and society / Dimitrij Mlekuž, University of Ljubljana
Genetics, Migrations and Language Dispersals: Re-theorizing mobility and the formation of culture and language among the Corded Ware Cultures in Europe / Kristian Kristiansen, University of Gothenburg
Liquid time, petrified objects. Concepts of historical change in archaeology / Alexander Gramsch, German Archaeological Institute
‘Petrified’ societies? An Egyptological survey / Melanie Wasmuth, CH-Basel University
The temporality of stone: communities and early sculptural traditions in late prehistoric Iberia / Marta Diaz-Guardamino Uribe, University of Southampton
Tracing “petrification” in prehistoric architectural processes /Tanja Romankiewicz, University of Edinburgh
Prehistoric dry-stone structures at high-altitude in the Alps: social, economic and cultural drivers / Francesco Carrer, Newcastle University; Kevin Walsh, University of York; Thomas Reitmaier, Archaeological Service of the Canton of Grisons