TH5-15 - Hu New Developments in Isotope and Trace element analyses
Zinc isotope compositions of bone and dental enamel and their relationship to diet / Klervia Jaouen, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig; et al.
Stable isotope ratios and trace elements in modern mammal tooth enamel / Niels De Winter, Vrije Universiteit Brussels, Belgium; et al.
The potential of large-scale seasonality studies, results from the Farasan Island shellmound complex / Niklas Hausmann, Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas, Greece
Iron isotopes as a new tool for ancient metal tracing: comparison with classical tracing methods / Jean Milot; Franck Poitrasson, Géosciences Environnement Tolouse; Sandrine Baron, TRACES Laboratory, France
Hydrogen stable isotope ratios measured in bone collagen from Danish prehistoric samples / Laura van der Sluis; N. Ogle; P. J. Reimer, Queen's University Belfast, UK
The geochemical relationship between soil, plant and streamwater; implications for migration studies / Saskia Ryan, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland; et al.
Elemental and Sr/Nd isotopic investigation of late Hellenistic to early Roman glass bowls and sand raw materials from Lebanon / Dieter Brems, KU Leuven, Belgium; et al.
Iron Slag and the Quest for Provenance / Emma Bauzyte, Aarhus, Denmark