TH1-28 - Religious Landscapes in the North Atlantic
The geography of a cemetery - the early Christian cemeteries of Skagafjör ur, North Iceland / Gudny Zoega, Skagafjordur Heritage Museum, Saudarkrokur
The bishop's grave in St. Alban Church in Odense, Denmark / Jesper Hansen, Odense City Museums
A landscape of belief: Orkney's medieval churches / Sarah Jane Gibbon, University of the Highlands and Islands, Kirkwall
Communities of death in medieval Iceland / Orri Vésteinsson, University of Reykjavík
An abundance of chapels: the pre-parochial religious landscape of the Isle of Man / Andrew Johnson, Manx National Heritage, Douglas
Chapels, Church sites and Settlement in Medieval Faroe Islands / Simun Vilhelm Arge, Faroe Islands
Hofstaoir in Mývatnssveit. An early Icelandic religious landscape / Hildur Gestsdottir, Institute of Archaeology, Reykjavik
"Small churches" in Norse Greenland - what became of them /  Jette Arneborg, Danish National Museum, Copenhagen