Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

please contact EAA Secretariat at if you need any further information and/or assistance. 

How do I get my EAA ID?

In case you are current EAA member or were member in the past, you may find your EAA ID in your profile - sign in at and continue to Membership > My EAA Membership. For assistance with your credentials, please contact In case you have never been EAA member, please create new account here. You will receive your EAA ID just after filling the registration form.  

Do I have to be EAA member to be able to attend the EAA Annual Meeting?

Yes, all participants of EAA Annual Meetings have to be EAA members (pay for 2022 membership) and also have to pay Annual Meeting (conference) registration fee. The payment can be done when you know that your session / contribution has been accepted by the Scientific Committee. Check registration policy and deadlines for more details about prices and cancellations.

My account has been locked out - what to do? 

You have used incorrect password too many times - please email us at and we will unlock your account. 

How do I get an invoice for membership / conference registration?

The invoice for the Annual Meeting registration fee is available in your EAA membership profile (upon logging in at, please go to Membership - My EAA Membership - My invoicing history tab). If you require an invoice for your EAA membership payment or need assistance in another matter, please contact us at

How can I change billing details in my invoice?

If you need any changes in your invoice (typically billing address), please contact us via and we will correct the invoice for you. Please note that changes can only be made by 30 September 2022. 

I have chosen the "pay later" option in the cart, can I still pay by card?

Yes, you can find your unsettled dues in your EAA profile at (under Membership -> My EAA Membership) go to tab Pending billing, tick the box next to the invoice for membership and/or conference registration -> "add to cart" button will be activated, you can then proceed to the cart and the payment.

Is it possible to transfer EAA membership or Annual Meeting registration to someone else?

No, it is not possible to transfer EAA membership. If you know that you are not able to attend the meeting, please notify as soon as possible. The replacement is not possible but we may help you with the process of registering your colleague. The AM registration fee is refundable before 21 April, with handling fee before 11 July 2022. After this date it is not possible to refund the fees. In case of any changes / cancellations, EAA Secretariat has to be informed by email at

Why is session submission (end September - early November) / call for papers (mid December - mid February) so early? 

EAA Annual Meetings usually have between 150 - 250 paralel sessions, and 2000 - 3500 contributions. Both sessions and contributions are evaluated by the Scientific Committee, contributions are also evaluated by session organisers.
The creation of the scientific programme is very complex and before building it we also need main authors to have their fees settled (deadline 22 April) which require some time to collect. Just after we know who is really participating at the Meeting we can announce the preliminary / final version of AM schedule.

I can see 1111 EUR price in the registration

You need to select your membership type first (e.g. in your profile at under Membership > My EAA Membership) and just after that proceed to conference registration at - the price is counted according to the membership type that is why you see the error price. If you have anything in the cart right now, please remove it first. 

Will the conference be onsite / hybrid / online?

With our local colleagues, we closely observe the Covid-19 measures in Hungary. However, we are still not sure to what extent the event will be hybrid (i.e. the similar experience for both onsite and online attendees), we aim to allow online participation. We hope to provide details in the first month of 2022.

I work in a different country than I am originally from. How does it work with EAA membership?

EAA membership is based on the place where you work, study or reside, rather than your nationality. This is important for session organisers who need to be from at least two different countries.