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Danube Bend Highlights (2-days)

29 - 30 August

The Danube Bend attracts visitors not only because of its picturesque natural features but also its rich cultural heritage. Participants of the tour including a river cruise will get an impression of both: stunning views of the Danube Bend and surroundings from Visegrád, centre of power in medieval times as well as rustic ambience in the narrow cobbled alleys of Szentendre.

Key archaeological/heritage attractions: Esztergom Cathedral and Castle Museum, medieval palace and fortress, Pone Navata Roman military fortress, Visegrád, museum town Szentendre

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Prehistory revived and mementos of the Socialist era in Százhalombatta (one day)

30 August

Several periods from the Prehistory up to the Socialist era left their unmistakeable marks on Százhalombatta, a small town only some 60 minutes Danube cruise from Budapest. The tour offers a journey through time by visiting the site of the international excavation of the SAX Project and also highlighting the local late Bronze Age/early Iron Age heritage and their revival in the framework of the Százhalombatta Archaeological Park, as well as exciting details of life in the Socialist era.

Key archaeological/heritage attractions: SAX excavation site; Százhalombatta Archaeological Park; late Bronze Age hillfort and tumuli, Százhalombatta; Beethoven Museum, Martonvásár; and Memento Park, Budapest

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Budapest City Tour by Coach (half day)

31 August, 9:00 - 13:00

Experience Budapest by tasting its cuisine
Explore the secrets of the emblematic, must-see landmarks of Budapest
Discover the busy Pest side of the city, walk around Heroes Square and ride along Andrássy Avenue
Travel back a few centuries and enjoy a walk in the historical Castle District
Finish up your tour with a stunning view from the highest point of the city

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Bar Hopping & Wine Tasting Tour - 3 hours

29 August, 17:00 - 20:00

Discover Budapest's evening scenes with a local
Experience pubs and bars in a vibrant central neighbourhood
Taste some Hungarian wines
Listen to local stories and be part of the early evening sips 

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Art Nouveau in Budapest - 2,5 hours

30 August, 15:30 - 18:00

Walk along the streets of downtown and open your eyes to sights that others might not see
Hear about Hungarian Art Nouveau and learn why it is different from what you already know
Enjoy a stunning view from a rooftop bar

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A Walk through Centuries – Medieval Memories of Pest - 2,5 hours

30 August, 14:30 - 17:00

Enjoy the riverbank panorama of Buda
Enter the most unique church of the city and travel back in time
See traces of the medieval town of Pest

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Excursions booking

Excursions are organised by Altagra. In case you need any information, please contact directly Altagra team at The excursion can be booked within your Meeting registration.

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Contact and cancellation

Excursions are organised by Altagra. In case you need any information, please contact directly Altagra team at

Please note that each excursion has minimum number of participants necessary for the excursion to take place.

Deadline for cancellation: 15 July 2022
Please note that no refund is possible after this date.

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Ezstergom © Pixabay

Regeszeti park. Source: Matrica Múzeum - Régészeti Park /Matrica Museum and Archaeological Park

Danube Bend © Pixabay

Buda Castle © Pixabay

Fishermen's Bastion © Pixabay

Art Nouveau

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