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Social Events

List of Social Events

Opening Ceremony

Where: Castle Bazaar (Várkert Bazár), 2-6 Ybl Miklós tér, 1013 Budapest
When:  Wednesday 31 August, 16:30 - 18:30
Price: free for delegates
How to get there: 
Trams: 19 and 41: Várkert Bazár stop | Buses 16 and 105: Clark Ádám tér stop | Ship 12: Várkert Bazár stop | On foot: from the Buda Castle and its museums

The Opening Ceremony will feature a performance by the choir of the Eötvös Loránd University.

Built between 1875 and 1883, the Castle Bazaar was designed by Miklós Ybl in the Neo- Renaissance style. The building is a high priority monument and has been a registered World Heritage Site since 1987.
The Castle Bazaar once had a six-meter-high arcaded row of shops, flanked by the quarters of the Royal Guards and the palace staff in three residential buildings; some of the shops were later converted into studios used by prominent artists.
The Castle Bazaar began its slow decay in the early twentieth century and it was severely damaged during the Second World War; by 1996, it was listed as one of the hundred most endangered national monuments of the world. The building attained its current form during the reconstruction work begun in 2011. The façade designed by Miklós Ybl has been fully preserved in the restored building complex, while the new spaces were created in line with modern architectural trends.
The main hall combines architectural elements originally designed by Miklós Ybl with the technological achievements of modern architecture. One wall of the antechamber to the hall ingeniously reveals the original buttress, while the other wall is covered with enlarged illustrations taken from Hartmann Schedel’s Chronicle of the World published in 1493, which contains the first authentic depiction of Buda Castle. 

Welcome Reception

Where: Hungarian National Museum, 14–16 Múzeum körút, 1088 Budapest
When: Wednesday 31 August, 19:30 - 22:00
Price: free for delegates
How to get there:
Budapest Metro’s M3 (blue) and M4 (green) line: Kálvin tér stop Budapest | Metro’s M2 (red) line: Astoria stop | Trams 47, 49 and 48: Kálvin tér stop | Buses 5, 7, 8, 107, 110, 112, 133, 178, 233 and 239: Astoria stop | Buses 9, 15 and 115: Kálvin tér stop | Trolleybus 83: Kálvin tér stop
How to get there from the Opening Ceremony:
On foot: via Erzsébet or Szabadság Bridge | Trams 14, 41 to Szent Gellért tér, changing to Trams 47, 49 to Kálvin tér

The Hungarian National Museum is located in the heart of Budapest near the Danube. Founded in 1802, the Neoclassical building of the Hungarian National Museum was erected between 1837 and 1847 according to the plans of Mihály Pollack. As the central national historical museum, it collects all relics associated with the history of Hungary, from the Paleolithic to the present. Most of the 3.3 million artefacts in the museum’s collection are stored in the museum building or in external storage facilities, and only approximately 12,000 objects are on display. The HNM has a significant archaeological collection, but its holdings also include musical instruments, photographs, posters, coins and medals, arms and armoury, magnificent metalwork and an assortment of modern material as well as manuscripts and archival records. In addition to its public role, the museum is also involved in the conservation degree courses of the University of Fine Arts and has independent licensed postgraduate programmes for conservation and digitisation. In case of nice weather, the party will be held outdoors.

Annual Party

Where: Symbol Budapest, Bécsi út 56, 1036 Budapest
When: Thursday 1 September, 20:30 - 3:00
Price: free for delegates
How to get there:
Tram 17, 19 and 41: Kolosy tér stop | Suburban railway line (HÉV) H5: Szépvölgyi út stop | Bus 9 and 109: Kolosy tér stop

The Annual Party will be held at Symbol Budapest. The speciality of this place comes from the location: the Center of Old Buda. Several, smaller and larger private rooms offer the opportunity for private conversations and socialising. The old well in the garden, which legend says was the place where they hid the Holy Crown (of Hungary) at one time, also remains as it was. 

Dancing music and one drink is included in the registration fee.

MERC Party

Where: Stifler Pool – Erzsébet krt 19 Budapest, 1073
When: Friday 2 September, 20:00 - 24:00
Price: 18,5 EUR
How to get there:
Trams 4 and 6: Wesselényi utca stop

Stifler is essentially a burger place with a great bar and pool tables galery. An exclusive area (including some darts and pool tables) for 200 pax is available for the event. This place is best for when you want to grab a couple of pints, eat a good greasy burger, and just chat with your mates. Very affordable and one of the city’s most popular pool saloons. Cheers, and enjoy the evening!

Price includes 3 coupons that can be redeemed for either wine or beer and some scones.

Annual Dinner

Where: Európa Boat, Jégverem street dock, Sztehlo Gábor quay, 1011 Budapest
When: Saturday 3 September, 20:00 - 23:00
Price: 80 EUR
How to get there:
Metro M3, Batthyany square stop

The official start of the Dinner is at 20:00 but the gate will be open from 19:30. Please be there before 20:00, the boat will be then LEAVING and we cannot wait for late arrivals. The easiest way is to use metro (red line M2) - station "Batthyány tér" and then continue towards Chain bridge. Please check the map in the app / at EAA website. You can also pick a map at INFO POINT at ELTE Campus.
For those using TAXI - the location is in harbour "Jegverem utca".

Due to its rich historical and architectural attractions, the readers of ‘Cruise Critic’ chose Budapest as the most beautiful boat trip destination in Europe over Paris, Vienna or Prague. UNESCO has placed this place on its world heritage list, due to the picturesque view of the river and the bridges.

During the cruising time with Európa Boat we will pass under the gorgeous bridges of Budapest, among others the most famous one: The Chain bridge. We will pass by the Parliament building, the Castle Area, Palace of Art and National Theatre any many other historical building of the capital. Join us to enjoy this breathtaking scenery during the Annual Dinner.

The marvellous 3-storey ship is the biggest event ship in Central Europe with its total shipboard of more than 1500 square metres. Beside the cosy inner spaces there is a huge panoramic terrace offering beautiful view to the river and the city.

During the Annual Dinner guests can enjoy a 2-hours ride on the Danube, while a 3-course delightful menu will be served. As for drinks, you will be offered an unlimited consumption of wine/beer, soft drinks and coffee/tea. For the rest of the evening the ship will park in the harbour.  


The Annual Meeting (conference) registration  is now open. All delegates have to be current (2022) EAA members and pay the Annual Meeting registration fee. Please check the registration policy tab for more information.

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Opening Ceremony in Castle Bazaar

Opening ceremony in Castle Bazaar

Welcome Reception in Hungarian National Museum

Welcome Reception in Hungarian National Museum

Annual Party in Symbol Budapest

MERC Party in Stifler Pool bar.

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