Prehistory revived and mementos of the Socialist era in Százhalombatta - one day

30 August


Several periods  from the Prehistory up to the Socialist era left their unmistakeable marks on Százhalombatta, a small town only some 60 minutes Danube cruise from Budapest. The tour offers a journey through time by visiting the site of the international excavation of the SAX Project and also highlighting the local late Bronze Age/early Iron Age heritage and their revival in the framework of the Százhalombatta Archaeological Park, as well as exciting details of life in the Socialist era.

Key archaeological/heritage attractions: SAX excavation site; Százhalombatta Archaeological Park; late Bronze Age hillfort and tumuli, Százhalombatta; Beethoven Museum, Martonvásár and Memento Park, Budapest


min. 16  / max. 30 people

Fee 120 EUR


Approximate schedule

  • Departure from Budapest in the morning
  • River cruise to Százhalombatta
  • Guided tour of the of the SAX excavation site, and the Százhalombatta Archaeological Park and short climb to the Magaspart Lookout
  • Departure by bus to Martonvásár
  • Lunch at the Postakocsi Restaurant in Martonvásár
  • Walk in the Gardens of the Brunszvik Palace, visit to the Beethoven Museum
  • Departure to Budapest, with en-route stop at the Memento Park
  • Guided tour of the Memento Park (statues from the Socialist era)

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