27 April 2022 6  - 7:30 pm BST: Free Open History Talk – Gareth Jones & Ukraine

To raise funds for Ukraine, Lincoln Archaeologist Naomi Field is giving a talk about her relative Gareth Jones, whose exposure of Stalin's 1930s Ukraine famine inspired the 2019 film Mr Jones (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6828390/). Naomi edited Jones' recent biography (https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/50729136-more-than-a-grain-of-truth) and her talk will be followed by a conversation about the significance of Jones' short life with University of Lincoln Russianist Dr Edwin Bacon.

The event starts at 6pm, Weds 27th April 2022. People can attend in-person or online but need to register - more information and registration links can be found at https://pearl.lincoln.ac.uk/2022/04/21/free-open-history-talk-gareth-jones-ukraine-supporting-ukraine-dec-appeal/. The talk is free, but we hope attendees will donate to either of the two appeals the talk is supporting (the DEC Ukraine appeal (https://donation.dec.org.uk/ukraine-humanitarian-appeal) or the appeal to support university students/staff who need to leave Ukraine and want to move to the University of Lincoln (https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/UniLincolnUkraineStudents).  

Anyone is welcome to support this fundraiser by attending the event if interested (in-person or online), donating if able, and spreading the word about this event which will not only provide fascinating insights into an extraordinary life but also raise much-needed funds for people in desperate need.

24 March 2022:
The EAA is signatory to the Statement on Ukraine from Archaeological Organizations Worldwide

4 March 2022:
Open communication and cooperation are core to how the EAA works and what we seek to achieve, but challenging times necessitate taking a stand.  We strongly condemn the aggression of the Russian and Belarussian governments on Ukraine. For this reason, we suspend institutional cooperation with Russia and Belarus until further notice.

We will continue to support every individual in need who is victimized because of the above-mentioned aggression, regardless of their nationality. In that spirit, Ukrainian colleagues are cordially invited to attend the 28th EAA Annual meeting without paying the membership and registration fees. Colleagues in Russia and Belarus have the option of attending, but only in their capacity as individual (non-affiliated) EAA Members. Details for these arrangements will be circulated in due course. Colleagues from Russia and Belarus who do not support this war have our deep respect. We are closely following the progress of this tragic situation and we will adjust our reactions accordingly.

24 February 2022: On this day, the 24th of February 2022, our thoughts are with Ukraine and its people. EAA follows the unfolding aggression with great concern, and stands with all the innocent. We stand for saving lives, saving cultural heritage in the entire territory under attack. We hear the voice of colleagues who might be in danger or in need, and we are offering our broad network to assist.

The EAA fully endorses the statement issued by Europa Nostra, the statement issued by scholars from more than 30 European countries, Open letter from the President of the Conference of INGOs on the war against Ukraine and related statements and initiatives.

How can we help?

» If you are fleeing Ukraine, it may be that you will need proof of employment/expertise when registering with authorities. We encourage colleagues to contact the EAA at administrator@e-a-a.org if they feel such a letter would be helpful. 

» If you are fleeing Ukraine and need assistance in continuing your research at new institutions, please refer to https://twitter.com/Sci_for_Ukraine.

» If you are  fleeing Ukraine, or are in contact with colleagues fleeing Ukraine, please feel free to use / forward/ redistribute the below information regarding crossing the borders into Moldova, Romania, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia and the aid available on the other side.

» If you are an institution or university near the Ukrainian border, and would have a guest room available for colleagues fleeing across the border or other help to offer, please contact EAA staff at administrator@e-a-a.org, so we can help connect you with colleagues in need.

» Europa Nostra and Global Heritage Fund launched joint crowdfunding campaign to support the defenders of Ukraine’s endangered heritage

» Fundraising by the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine aimed at preservation and restoration of cultural heritage and cultural values - download details here

» Aid for Ukrainian Archaeologists from homeland defense organised by
 the Poznań Archaeological Museum in Poland - Pomoc dla Archeologów z Ukrainy - Pracownicy Muzeum Archeologicznego w Poznaniu | Pomagam.pl

» The executive secretary of the journal Arheologia
, research journal of the Institute of Archaeology, the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, asks peer-archaeologists to contribute their papers for publishing in the journal. The papers are published for free in English or Ukrainian and receive open online access.



Official updates on the situation of the Ukrainian border such as transport and accessability; in Ukrainian and English


Moldovan regulations in Romanian, English and Russian (25.02.2022)

Collection of websites with various sources for help and aid; in Russian

Official Telegram-based source of information for Moldova:

Donations for humanitarian aid offered by the Ministry of Finance of Moldova:


Help website with information on entering and staying in Romania; in Ukrainian, Russian, Romanian, and English

UN refugee agency for Ukrainian refugees in Romania; in English

A coordination website for Ukrainian refugees with various ways to provide help, including accommodation, food, transport; in English

Official website with information about border crossings in Romania; in Romanian


Official information of the Summary of the Hungarian Helsinki Committee; in Ukrainian, Russian, Hungarian, and English

Summary of legal information about entering Hungary for Ukrainian refugees; in English, French, German, Chinese

ELTE University has offered 200 beds in its college for Ukrainian refugees.

  • Contact: +36 1 411 6500, kommunikacio@elte.hu

Debrecen University has offered 200 beds in its college for Ukrainian refugees.

Facebook help group in Hungary

One of the largest NGOs currently helping (which is also at the Hungarian-Ukrainian border at present) is Migration Aid. Migration Aid organizes accommodation and transport. Those who are on their way can reach out and ask for help. They are available by email via info@migrationaid.org.

United Hungarian Jewish Organisations' crisis hotline (not only for refugees with a Jewish background!) can be reached at +3630 5418771. They can help with transport, food, shelter and paperwork.


Official rules on entry to Poland; in Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, and English

Official website with information about border crossings in Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova; in Ukrainian and Polish

PKP Intercity Polish trains provides free transport for Ukrainian refugees who are in Poland for the next 4 weeks; in Polish (26.02.2022)

Official website for asking for help and offering help to Ukrainian refugees; in Ukrainian, Polish, English

Polish Young Academy of the Polish Academy of Sciences provides help to Ukrainian fellow scholars who are currently forced to leave their homeland


Official rules on entry to Slovakia; in Ukrainian, Slovak, and English

Official Facebook page of the Slovakian police which provides updates about the situation on the border; in Slovak

Official Facebook page of the Slovakian Ministry of the Interior which provides information about the situation on the border; in Slovak


Possibility of registering the need for help and the ability to help; in Ukrainian and English


All the necessary information for refugees, also for providers of help (incl. accommodation, legal procedures, work, education, health care, etc.); in Ukrainian and Croatian

Relevant information un Ukrainian

The UN Refugee Agency in Croatia

Czech Republic

All relevant information for Ukrainian and for Czech how to help; in Ukrainian and Czech

Possibilities how to help; in Czech, Ukrainian and English

Shared webpage of the NGOs, possibilities of material and financial help and specific offers; Czech

Czech Academy of Sciences announces fellowships for researchers from Ukraine; in English and Czech

Since June / July 2022, the Department of Archaeology of the University in Hradec Králové will be able to offer fieldwork employment to archaeologists from Ukraine. For further details please email ladislav.rytir@uhk.cz.
Museum in Jičín is willing to provide archaeological work place and accommodation. For details, please email helpdesk@e-a-a.org


Free trains for Ukrainian refugees to Germany via Słubice/Frankfurt am Oder from Warsaw, Gdańsk, Przemyśl, Cracow, Wrocław; in German

Gerda Henkel Foundation offers grants for researchers; in English and German

A network of German excavation companies is trying to offer paid jobs to trained refugee archaeologists. Contact: Piffko@SPAU-Gmbh.de


Greece grants Ukrainian refugees entering the country refugee status, the right to work and a year's free medical care 


Visa for Ukrainian nationals lifted; in English


The Swiss refugee council has assembled information about entering Switzerland and more useful information for people in need of protection.

Refugees from Ukraine can use all public transport in Switzerland for free (with Ukrainian ID).

The civil organisation Campax has opened a platform where rooms are offered by private persons for Ukrainian refugees.

Archaeology Switzerland offers information and help for Ukrainian colleagues who seek to continue research and work in Switzerland.


Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) devoted a special budget to host Ucranian scientists for two years at salaried positions. Interested candidates are asked to email their CV to direccion.incipit@csic.es.

An EAA member is willing to provide accommodation and possibly work place (for English speaking) in Seville. For details, please email helpdesk@e-a-a.org

United Kingdom

The Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme allows Ukrainian nationals and their family members to come to the UK if they have a named sponsor under the Homes for Ukraine Scheme.

An EAA Member is willing to provide accommodation in Witney (Oxfordshire) to Ukrainian refugees (1 or 2 adults and up to 2 children) for at least 6 months under the UK sponsorship scheme. For details, please email administrator@e-a-a.org 

Cotswold Archaeology Ltd. offers vacancies at their website 

CIfA and the EAA are collaborating to provide an opportunity for Ukrainian archaeologists seeking refuge to make contact with other archaeologists willing to house or employ them. If you are able to house one or more of these colleagues and their families, please get in touch with us using the form here.


First useful information for Ukrainian refugees in Italy: health provisions, reception and how to regularise one's position (information provided in Ukrainian, English and Italian). 
Information and useful material to support the recognition of secondary school qualifications and higher education in the Ukrainian system to facilitate access to the Italian labour market for refugees.
  • http://cimea.it/ucraina/index_EN.html
1) The Ministry of Education, through the Regional School Offices and the schools, thanks to a fund of 1 million euros, is working to integrate Ukrainian students into the school system, ensuring as far as possible that they are placed in schools close to the places where they will find asylum, as well as providing psychological and linguistic support.
Learning resources and materials:
2) The Ministry of Universities and Research has set up a special 1 million euro fund to finance support measures for Ukrainian students, researchers and lecturers so that they can carry out their activities at Italian universities, institutions for higher artistic, musical and dance training and research bodies, ensuring all the means to guarantee their right to study, starting with study grants and accommodation. A specific email address is available (most of all for visiting professors positions, scholarships and other forms of hospitality): helpforacademics@mur.gov.it
3) The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation constantly publishes and updates security information for compatriots who are or intend to travel abroad. The MInistry therefore recommend to constantly follow the updates on the Viaggiare Sicuri portal (https://www.viaggiaresicuri.it/home), in the tabs dedicated to the individual countries (Ukraine: https://www.viaggiaresicuri.it/country/UKR and Russia: https://www.viaggiaresicuri.it/country/RUS), follow the indications of the Italian Embassies in Moscow and Kiev reported on their respective websites and - for those who are in the area - register, if not already done, on the site Where we are in the world (https://www.dovesiamonelmondo.it/home.html).
4) The Ministry of Health has alerted the Regions, through the Local Health Authorities (ASL), to identify and arrange the necessary resources for the free performance of antigenic and molecular diagnostic tests to detect Covid (within 48 hours of entry into Italy, if the test was not performed at the border). It is also recommended that the SarsCoV2/Covid-19 vaccination be offered, in accordance with the indications of the National SarsCoV2 Vaccination Plan, to all individuals aged 5 years and over who claim not to be vaccinated or do not have documentation proving vaccination, including the booster dose for persons aged 12 and over; to ensure the necessary surveillance, prevention and vaccination prophylaxis activities also in relation to other infectious diseases; to identify at an early stage persons with special needs and specific vulnerabilities: unaccompanied foreign minors, pregnant women, single-parent families.
Information provided in Ukrainian, Russian, English and Italian at the following link:
5) The Italian State Railways, a partner of CER (Community of European Railways and Infrastructure Companies), has made available the medical train that has been set up for the Covid-19 pandemic and for the management of other national and international emergencies: the train has already reached the border with Ukraine for those destinations that require a mobile hospital. A civil protection ordinance of 14th March provides that citizens from Ukraine can travel free of charge on our territory, within a maximum of 5 days of entering Italy, to reach the first place of destination or reception. The measure includes free travel on Trenitalia (FS Group) trains operating Intercity, Eurocity and Regional services, on maritime services and on the motorway network.