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Scientific Programme

Programme and Abstract Book

The EAA 2023 Programme Book (last updated on 29 August) and Abstract Book (last update on 30 August) are now available for download. Please note that there might still be some last minute changes due to personal cancellations.
The Programme Book contains all important details reg. the practicalities onsite, maps and plans, information about the European Archaeology Fair and the detailed scientific programme, incl. guidelines for session organisers and presenters. 

The login details for the mobile app will be sent before 23 August

Abstract Book (30 Aug)
(Adobe PDF File)

Guidelines for session organisers and presenters

Mobile app / event app

Login details (different from your usual EAA credentials) will be sent to all registered attendees by 23 August.

For organisers of sessions:

  • All rooms are equipped with PCs / laptops (please note personal devices cannot be used), cameras, microphones, speakers and projectors. Please familiarise yourself with the session room 20 minutes before the session begins. There will be a volunteer on hand in each room throughout the session to assist with the technicalities. In case the volunteer is not present, please inform promptly any volunteer / organiser / IT support in the venue.
  • Each session will be streamed to the event app at For active online participation, delegates have to go directly to the Zoom meeting, to do that search the session in the scientific programme in the event app.
  • Stay in contact with your speakers before the Meeting. Make sure all your speakers know the running order of speakers and how long they are allowed to speak for.
  • Speakers can be either online or onsite. Online speakers may provide you with pre-recorded presentation but they should be always present live for Q&A. It is recommended that onsite speakers upload their presentations to the computer before the session begins.
  • All posters (if relevant to your session) are uploaded on the e-poster boards in Peter Froggat Centre and One Elmwood Student Centre, and in the event app. You can also ask authors of posters to present them shortly during the session (discussion slot or if there is a free time) but please inform them beforehand.
  • If a gap occurs in the session’s running order due to the absence of a speaker, please do not shift the order presented in the Programme (delegates may be coming in for a particular presentation); instead, use the time for discussion or a short break. In case of presenter no-shows, please inform the EAA Secretariat by email at your earliest convenience.
  • Please make sure everyone is using the microphone so online participants can listen as well.
  • Questions can be raised either onsite in the lecture room, or via the Q&A mobile app feature. Please repeat the questions yourself so that both onsite and online attendees can hear them. Use the microphone to answer the questions, so that the online attendees can hear the answer.
  • All sessions are streamed however only those which were requested to be recorded will be recorded - please inform the speakers accordingly. The content will be available in the mobile app after the AM, for approximately six months.

For onsite speakers:

  • All PCs and laptops have installed MS Office 365. The size of the slides is up to you as the rooms have different equipment. Please note your presentation will need to be in a “reading” mode, therefore it will not be possible to have notes available in the ppt. You can also use Prezi for your presentation.
  • Bring your presentation on a memory stick or have it stored in the cloud and upload it on the computer at least 20 minutes before the session begins, or follow the main session organiser’s recommendation. Make sure your file name includes your name or initials.
  • Acquaint yourself with the session running order and the time allowed for your presentation: ask the session organiser(s) if in doubt.
  • You can use the mobile app for Q&A.
  • Please check the notes for speakers at

For online speakers

  • You need to log in to the event software (the web-based version:, from where you will be directed to a particular Zoom meeting room.
  • We highly recommend using the Zoom application on your device (PC / laptop), rather than using the web-based version. Please download the application and set up your Zoom account before the event.
  • Use Google Chrome browser.
  • We recommend using internet connection with a speed of at least 1.2 Mbps. Please also ensure you are not connected to a VPN. If you do not have a stable internet connection, please pre-record your presentation and send either the link to the shared folder, or the file to the session organiser.
  • We recommend pre-recording the presentation even if you prefer to present live - to have a back-up plan in case anything goes wrong.
  • When presenting, it is best to use a microphone and headphones, or an all-in-one headset, to cancel out any background noise.
  • If possible, please sit with your back to the wall, with all windows shut and covered.
  • If you are not actively presenting, please turn off your camera and microphone.
  • We strongly encourage you to test the connection and sharing of the screen and your presentation in a test room which will be open from 8:00 to 18:00 from Monday 28 August to Saturday 2 September.
  • Acquaint yourself with the session running order and the time allowed for your presentation: ask the session organiser(s) if in doubt. Please note all times mentioned in the Programme Book and mobile app are in BST (British Summer Time).

For poster presenters:

  • Posters will be displayed on e-boards in Peter Froggat Centre and One Elmwood Student Centre. They are also available in the mobile app.
  • Since your poster is associated with a specific session, you should attend this session: you may be asked to briefly present your poster, answer questions and follow up on specific points with the audience.

Cancellation and changes in the participation format (onsite / online)

Please inform both the main session organiser and EAA Secretariat at should any changes occur in your contribution and / or participation at the Annual Meeting.

Notes for speakers and checklist for poster presentations are available here.

Posters - format and delivery

  1. You do not need to print your poster! We will be using e-boards and a mobile app, where we will upload a .pdf version.
  2. To fit in the e-board, your poster needs to be saved in the following size - width: 72 cm (28.35"); height: 128 cm (50.5").
  3. The pdf must consists of only one page.
  4. If you need a template, you can use one of those available here.
  5. For better readability use san-serif fonts (for example Arial, Helvetica, Verdana, Lucida). Use fonts with a minimum of 24 point size. Use bigger pictures, spreadsheets or charts if possible.
  6. Save the file as .pdf of max. 12 MB size, the name of the file needs to contain number of your session and your family name (e.g., s151_Kleinova). Do not use any special signs such as # ? !" etc. in the name of the file.
  7. Upload the poster to our repository at (the repository will be open in the second half of July) before 9 August at the latest.
  8. If you fail to upload your poster by then, we will not consider it presented at the Meeting and we will not provide a certificate.
  9. Session organisers may ask you to shortly present the poster during the session - please liaise directly with them.
  10. If you have any doubts or difficulties, please contact us at

Call for papers

We do not accept any late submissions. Session organisers can see the up-to-date schedule in the submission system.

Enter submission page >>   

Important numbers

One person may submit one contribution as the first / main author. The maximum number of authors is ten, incl. the first author. The title may have max. 20 words and abstract min. 150 words and max. 300 words.
The deadline for submitting or modifying an abstract is Monday 13 February 2023, 23:59 CET (EXTENDED deadline)

Session formats

  • Regular session (15 minutes oral contributions, poster presentations and discussion)
  • Session with presentations of 6 slides in 6 minutes
  • Session with keynote presentation followed by presentations and / or discussion
  • Session with pre-circulated papers
  • Discussion session (with formal abstracts)
  • Round table (without formal abstracts, only list of confirmed discussants to be provided)
  • Workshop
  • Other - to be specified in the submission

Session filming

The EAA has undertaken to record a limited number of sessions to be made available online at Individual presenters can opt out from being recorded; they can also edit their recorded presentation at any time before its release.

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