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Scientific Programme

Session's schedule

The schedule of sessions is now available below. The dates and beginning of the session will not change, the duration can still be adjusted.

When creating the schedule, we took into consideration

  1. sessions, roundtables and/or contributions of the same person not to overlap
  2. sessions with similar topics not to overlap
  3. individual requests when possible
In few cases, not all this points could be fully accommodated, for which we apologise.
Please note that unpaid authors and session organisers, removed from the programme will not be put back.
EAA 2022 - programme 16 May
(Adobe PDF File)

Papers and posters submissions

Results of evaluation by the session organisers and the Scientific Committee

You can download a pdf with accepted contributions below (published 24 March). The list is ordered by session number > by abstract ID, this is not an order in which the papers will be presented.

The email confirmation is being sent only to main authors on Thursday 24 March (the whole day), please check your SPAM folder. If your abstract is in the list of accepted contributions but you did not receive a confirmation by email, please let us know on Friday 25 March (or later).

If you cannot see your abstract in the list of accepted contributions, it means that your abstract was: 
1. accepted subject to changes, or
2. rejected from the session it was submitted to (we are trying to find another session / will be added to general session), or
3. submitted to session which has to to be cancelled, or
4. submitted to round-tables which do not accept formal abstracts, or
5. rejected completely

We will contact you individually from as soon as possible. If you do not hear from us by 31 March, please email us.

Deadline to pay Membership and conference registration fees

Presenters (first authors) need to pay both Membership and conference registration fee before 21 April 2022, in order to have the contribution added to the scientific programme of the Annual Meeting. Once the unpaid authors are removed from the programme they will not be added back - no exceptions possible.

Co-authors pay the fees only if they attend the Meeting, there is no particular deadline.

Notes for speakers and checklist for poster presentations are available here.

Scientific Programme

Call for papers is closed. We do not accept any new proposals.

Important numbers - papers / posters

One person may submit two contributions as a main (i.e., presenting and contact) author. Contribution may have up to 10 co-authors (incl. main author). The title may have max. 20 words and abstract min. 150 words and max. 300 words.
There is no limit of contributions you will co-author but we cannot guarantee they will not overlap in the programme.
The EXTENDED deadline for submitting and modifying an abstract is 14 February 2022, 23:59 CET.

Session filming

The EAA has undertaken to record a limited number of sessions to be made available online at Individual presenters can opt out from being recorded; they can also edit their recorded presentation at any time before its release.

Search the list of sessions accepted by the Scientific Committee ⬇

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