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Scientific Programme

Detailed programme of sessions and Abstract Book

You may download the Programme Book, the Abstract Book and separate detailed programme of sessions (otherwise also part of the Programme Book) with an order and timeslots of presentations. All updated on 30 August.
Please note that however session organisers are kindly asked to keep the schedule as published, there might be slight changes in the schedule due to different reasons such as technical difficulties etc.

EAA 2021 Hopin Guide
(Adobe PDF File)

Guidelines for participants at the online event

This information provides the guidelines to ensure your smooth experience. Before the Annual Meeting starts

  1. Set up your Hopin (for more information about the software go to Software tab) account: You will have received an email from “European Association of Archaeologists” titled “Invitation to attend the EAA 2021 Annual Meeting” with a link to register for the event – please click the button „Accept Registration“. In case you are session organiser / main author and you do not receive the email by 16 August, please search your spam folder first before contacting EAA staff at
  2. Only current (2021) EAA members who have registered for the Annual Meeting via will be able to access the virtual event. Please email EAA at if you need any assistance with renewing your membership at and or AM registration.
  3. In case you are session organiser / main author, please test accessing the software platform in the test environment between 30 August and 4 September - we will create an extra event for this and send you the link by email as well. We recommend to use Chrome browser and test the internet connection, camera and microphone, as well as sharing your presentation. We recommend to use headphones to keep the background noise low. 
  4. Please check software recommendations at
  5. Hopin is available also as a mobile app for attendees, with limited functionality however (mobile devices users can view the stage, sessions, Fair, chat, and use the networking features). Please do not use mobile devices to present your contribution.
  6. Once you register for the online event and the event is open (7 - 11 September), you will see the Reception area – this is a virtual venue „lobby“ and information hub where you find e.g. the upcoming events schedule, the event chat, polls, people tabs etc. The other areas (segments) of the virtual event are on the left side panel: Stage, Sessions, Networking, and Fair.
  7. You may wish to use the EAA repository to search the entire programme of the Annual Meeting:


The stage will feature the most important, one-to-many events – Opening Ceremony (8 September), keynote lectures (7-11 September), and Annual Membership Business Meeting AMBM; 10 September), excursions. Presentations taking place on stage are included in the events schedule; when there is no live event on stage, range of pre-recorded videos will play.


  1. When it is time for your session, head to the "Sessions" tab and find the session you are interested in. The session will be visible 15 minutes before their start.
  2. When you go to a session, there are two modes, active participating (session organisers, presenters, discussants) and viewing as audience.
  3. Session organisers open the session in their role of moderators (assisted by volunteers) and allow participants to present. The number of participants on the screen is limited (shared screen counts as a separate participant). Usually up to 10 people can participate in a session with their camera on, and up to 500 people can watch off-camera and interact via the session chat. It is recommended that the number of people on screen (sharing their video and audio) is kept below 10 to ensure smooth broadcast. When presenting, we recommend that only the author has video and audio on.
  4. Click “Share Audio and Video” (session organiser) or “Ask to Share Audio and Video” (author / audience) when it is your turn to present the contribution, or session organisers invites audience to join the session for the live discussion. The moderator will let you in as relevant.
  5. If you haven't allowed access to your camera or mic in the event (browser), you will be prompted to do so at this time.
  6. Once you see yourself on screen, you're live to your audience.
  7. In order to share your PowerPoint presentation, follow these steps ( in Google Chrome to share your slides in "reading mode", i.e. in a way that you can see both the Hopin event page and your slides at the same time. Firefox unfortunately currently only lets you share in full-screen and does not have this option. Other option is saving your presentation in .pdf format.
  8. We do encourage authors to add watermark, copyright and/or disclaimer to each slide of the presentation.
  9. In case you know your internet connection is weak, you may consider to record your presentation in advance and send it to the session organisers in advance in order for them to play it for you. Alternatively, you may ask EAA Secretariat to upload the presentation to EAA YouTube channel (please note that this can be done only prior to the Annual Meeting).
  10. Each session has its own group chat, separate from the event-wide chat, and Q&A. Please use the session chat to comment and engage with people on-camera when you do not want to be on-camera yourself. You  can use Q&A feature for questions towards presenters.


If the session is recorded (upon request by session organisers), recording will start at the moment when the moderator opens the session. The recording is automatically restarted after 2-hours. In case you do not wish your presentation to be recorded, please alert the session organiser before the session starts. The recordings will be processed and available at EAA YouTube channel after the Annual Meeting, also following consent by individual authors.

Poster presentations

Posters should be prepared in a pdf format containing images and short texts, max. size is 12 MB. Authors of posters are asked to upload their poster in advance of the event in the EAA repository (either by themselves at or ask for EAA Secretariat's assistance at The deadline is 20 August. The poster will be posted in the session “room” but authors may be also invited to present it shortly within the session in which the poster has been accepted, please liaise with your session organisers regarding this. Attendance of author is required and provides an opportunity to answer questions, provide additional information and follow up on points made by the audience. 


Networking recreates the “coffee-in-the-lobby” conversations or watercooler chats that are important at an in-person event. You are matched randomly with a conversation partner (only once with the same person); you can choose whether or not you would like to stay in contact and exchange contact information. If both parties selected “Connect”, after the event the newly made contacts will appear at page of their individual Profile, and you can follow up with them (Linkedin, Twitter, Email). You can also choose 'Unmatch' to lose the connection. If neither person or only one person selected “Connect”, a connection will not be made, and you will not be able to follow up with that person through Hopin. If you look for a concrete contact, you may search in the “People” tab in the right hand side panel.

If you look for a concrete person, you may search the “People” tab in the right hand side panel. You can either send messages or interact via private video-chat. You can also schedule small group meetings of up to 5 participants.


European Archaeology Fair is the virtual exhibition hall with exhibitor stands. Every stand can have either a pre-recorded video in it (play on demand upon clicking the play button), or a live session with the booth representative “manning” the booth. In order to interact with the exhibitor, you can either use the live session or booth chat, or you may leave your contact details for a later feedback. Please keep an eye on discounts that some exhibitors may have prepared for attendees!

EAA Helpdesk and EAA staff members, who can answer most frequent questions, are to be found in the Fair, or in the event chat.

Check general overview of hopin event here:
How to share presentation / video:

Accepted contributions

You may see pdf with all accepted contributions below. Please note that authors who have not settled EAA membership fee for 2021 and / or Annual Meeting registration fee before 22 April deadline were deleted from the list and will not be returned back.

Papers' submissions

Call for oral and poster contributions is closed and we do not accept any late submissions. All main authors had to settle the EAA membership and AM registration fee before 22 April, otherwise their contribution was deleted from the Scientific Programme.

Session formats

  • Regular session (15 minutes oral contributions, poster presentations and discussion)
  • Session with presentations of 6 slides in 6 minutes
  • Session with keynote presentation
  • Session with pre-circulated papers
  • Discussion session (with formal abstracts)
  • Round table (without formal abstracts, only list of confirmed discussants to be provided)
  • Workshop
  • Other

Filming and photographing at virtual event

It is forbidden to film sessions, the Annual Membership Business Meeting and other official occasions without the permission of the EAA. The EAA and/or the Organising Committee will secure filming facilities for selected sessions and the Opening Ceremony to be broadcast / streamed. Session organisers will be approached by EAA staff and offered this facility when available.

Please note that authors might oppose taking screenshots / photos of their presentation. We do encourage authors to add watermark, copyright and/or disclaimer to each slide of the presentation. 

Time Zone

Please note that we use CEST (Prague) time zone for all purposes. 
In the event online platform the time zone will be adjusted according to your browser's settings.

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