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Scientific Programme

Scientific programme

Scientific Programme is now available, including General sessions (update 26 August). You can also download Abstract Book (update 19 August). Please note that the schedule is indicative only - session organisers may alter the running order and introduce breaks as relevant.
EAA 2020 Programme Summary
(Adobe PDF File)

For presenters and Session Organisers

Please check General guidelines for session organisers and presenters under Guidelines tab. You can also find them instructions how to use Hopin software, we have decided to use for the virtual event.

Virtual event software

Please check Software tab for more details about the software (Hopin) which will be used for the virtual event and its requirements.
Volunteers, EAA Secretariat and IT support will be able to help session organisers to handle the practicalities during the event.

Accepted contributions

Please find a list of accepted contributions below (downloadable pdf).
In case you do not see your contribution in the list and you paid your EAA membership before 17 June deadline for presenters to settle the fee, please contact urgently EAA Secretariat at

Become EAA member

If you wish to participate at EAA virtual Annual Meeting, you need to be current (2020) EAA member. Only EAA members will be allowed to attend the virtual event.

Become member now »  

For session organisers

Main session organiser can see contributions submitted to the session when logged in at (at the bottom of the page). You can download pdfs and check the running order of papers within your schedule.

Time Zone

Please note that we use CEST (Prague) time zone for all purposes.

List of sessions

The list of sessions is now final, it may however still change a bit. Contributions from cancelled sessions have been automatically added to general session. You can download a list of cancelled session in pdf below.

Accepted sessions

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