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23 March: "...Our EAA Annual Meeting is five months from now. This gives us some time, but not a lot of time, for taking a decision about our 2020 Annual Meeting. As an interim measure EAA has extended all forthcoming AM deadlines until further notice and is now exploring the mechanisms to be applied in case of cancellation or restructuring with a view to establishing clearly how matters stand in three weeks’ time..."

Please follow for all statements and updates.


Accepted contributions

Please find a list of accepted contributions below (downloadable pdf). The email about acceptance / rejection is sent to main authors of contributions on 24 March - please check your spam folders. The list will be still updated (new contributions added) during March.
In case you do not see your contribution in the list and you have not received an email from before 25 March, please contact EAA Secretariat at

List of sessions

You may still search below sessions accepted for the Budapest Annual Meeting.

Accepted sessions

Call for papers - CLOSED

Call for papers ended on 17 February 2020 (EXTENDED deadline).
Proposals are now evaluated by session organisers and the Scientific Committee. The results will be announced before 24 March..

Important numbers

One person may submit and present two contributions as a main (first - presenting) author. The maximum number of authors is 10, incl. the main author. The title may have max. 20 words and abstract min. 150 words and max. 300 words. Minimum number of keywords is three, maximum six.
The EXTENDED deadline for submitting or modifying an abstract is 17 February, 23:59 CET.

For session organisers

Main session organiser can see contributions submitted to the session when logged in at (at the bottom of the page). You can download pdfs and check the running order of papers within your schedule.

Filming and photographing

It is forbidden to film at sessions, the Annual Membership Business Meeting and other official occasions without the permission of the EAA. The EAA and/or the Organising Committee may secure filming facilities for selected sessions and the Opening Ceremony to be broadcast / streamed. Session organisers will be approached by EAA staff and offered this facility when available and informed about the selection criteria.

Photographing is allowed without any restrictions unless the author of presentation explicitly dissaproves photographing by introducing a disclaimer at the beginning of his/her presentation.