EAA Secretariat

Should you need any assistance with registration or session / abstract submissions, EAA membership, payments or any other queries, please contact EAA Secretariat by email at

Your questions are answered by:

  • Katka (EAA Information and Data Administrator): Annual Meeting registration, submission of sessions and abstracts, invitation letters, EAA membership
  • Krisztína (EAA Financial Administrator): financial queries, invoices
  • Alena (EAA Financial Assistant): EAA membership and registration
  • Sylvie (EAA Administrator): grants, awards, press

Local organisers

Should you have any questions about Budapest, venue, accommodation or sponsorship, please contact local organisers at

Contact for European Archaeology Fair

Should you have any questions about European Archaeology Fair (exhibition), please contact local organisers & EAA Secretariat at

Site visit in Budapest, Spring 2018. From the left: Karen Waugh †, Eszter Bánffy, Krisztína Pavlíčková, Katalin Wollák, Eszter Kreiter, Alexandra Anders, Margaret Gowen Larsen, Szilvia Fábián, Erzsébet Jerem, Sylvie Květinová, Dávid Bartus, Felipe Criado-Boado, László Borhy. Foto: Katka Kleinová.