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Hints & Tips: How to Travel in Hungary?

Budapest Card

Get the most out of your stay – see more, save more! The card offers its holder several free and discounted services. For further details, please check the following website:


Standard voltage in Hungary is 220-240 V AC, 50 Hz. Electrical plugs are „Type F” (for European standard 2 pin sockets). Visitors from abroad will need an adaptor for appliances that have been brought from home, such as laptops, hairdryers, and phone chargers. If needed, travel adaptors are available in stores that sell electrical appliances or in any mall.

Hungarian Wine

There are dozens of wine bars located throughout Budapest, and most restaurants have an excellent selection of wine.


Participants are strongly advised to arrange personal travel and health insurance as the registration fee does not include provision of any insurance.


Most hotels/hostels include Internet facilities as part of their service mostly free of charge. Cafés, pubs, and restaurants usually offer free Wi-Fi Internet access. Mobile network coverage is excellent in Hungary.


Enjoy the atmosphere of Budapest’s many famous markets. A great way to immerse into local culture is to visit one of the many markets of the city. The Central Market Hall with its beautiful building is probably the most frequented one amongst tourists, and most of the market still serves as a local market, where you can buy authentic Hungarian gifts and food stuff.

Money Exchange

If you want to exchange your currency to forint, always do so at an official exchange office. Never exchange money on the streets with random strangers, since this is prohibited by law.


Budapest is divided into parking zones, and fees vary from one zone to the next. Find the parking meter closest to your car, and insert the necessary amount using coins that are marked as accepted. Display the slip behind the windshield. You may also purchase parking time by sending an SMS to the number displayed on the meter, but only Hungarian phone numbers can be used for the transaction. The paid parking hours can also vary over zones, though generally the 8 am – 8 pm period is paying, while weekends are free (with the exception of special zones, like Buda Castle).

Try to park at a guarded parking lot and do not leave any valuables in the car.


Hungary and Budapest are safe places. However, the usual security precautions should be observed. Beware of pickpockets, especially on public transport.


Hungary has a strict non-smoking policy and smoking is prohibited inside public places (such as bars, restaurants, pubs), in public transport stops and within five meters of any business entrance. Smoking is allowed only at designated places. Tobacco products can only be purchased at licensed tobacconists, the “Nemzeti Dohánybolt.”

Tap Water

Tap water is safe to drink in Hungary so be sure to bring a reusable bottle to fill up before you start your day. If you decide to buy bottled water pay attention to the coloured lids, you will notice different coloured caps. Blue lids indicate carbonated water, pink is still water, and green lids mean the water is lightly carbonated.


There are no hard rules for tipping in Hungary. If you are satisfied with the service a 10% tip is customary, particularly in a taxi, restaurant or café with table service. Restaurant bills often – but not always – include service (between 10 per cent and 15 per cent), so do check before settling.

Some Useful Words and Sentences in Hungarian

Hungarians have a unique language, we would like to offer you a selection of the most important Hungarian words and sentences:

yes – igen
no – nem
hi – szia
please – kérem
Thank you – Köszönöm
You’re welcome – Szívesen
Good morning – Jó reggelt
Good evening – Jó estét
Good bye – Viszlát
Excuse me – Elnézést
Sorry – Sajnálom
No problem – Nincs semmi baj
How are you? – Hogy vagy?
Where is..? – Hol van..?
I, me – én
you – te
Do you speak English? – Beszél angolul?
I don’t understand. – Nem értem.
How much does it cost? – Mennyibe kerül?
Cheers – Egészségedre

Useful Telephone Numbers

General emergency line: 112
Police: 107
Fire brigade: 105
Ambulance service: 104
Inquiries: 199

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