On the fortifications of the city of Fribourg (half-day)

4 September


This guided tour of the fortifications of the city of Fribourg will introduce you in the past and in the medieval history of this city. The immersion will take you on the steps of History, to discover the towers, round paths and surrounding walls that contribute to the treasures of the medieval city's heritage. With its sandstone cliffs and the meanders of the river Sarine, the topography was favourable for its defence as a natural barrier against possible invasions. The fortifications were thus built only on the west side of the city to form important and defensive surrounding walls. These various buildings form a most important example of medieval military architecture in Switzerland. 


12 - 25 people


40 EUR (includes transportation from and to Bern, guides and tickets to all visits)



Meeting point:

"Treffpunkt" in Bern train station, 8:45

Approximate schedule

 8:45  departure from the “Treffpunkt” (meeting point) in Bern’s train station
 9:30  arrival in Fribourg
 9:30 - 11:30  guided visit of the fortifications
 11:30 - 12:15  visit of the Lorette chapel
 13:00  departure from Fribourg
 13:30  arrival in Bern

© Aurel Cellerier

© Fribourg Tourisme