On the trace of Bern city’s foundation and development (half-day)

4 September


Bern is a town founded around 1200 by the Dukes of Zähringen on a site which had not been occupied before. It was founded in the characteristic loop high above the river Aare. The initially rather insignificant city, however, rose rapidly and was from 1536 onwards the largest city state in Europe after Venice. It was primarily the wealth of the city since the 16th century that contributed to form today's cityscape. The archaeological-historical tour on the footsteps of the city's foundation and development shows how cleverly the city was planned, considering the special topography, and how much this planning still shapes the city today. The city tour will be guided by Dr. Armand Baeriswyl, the Middle Age expert at the Archaeological Service of the canton of Bern.


5 - 25 people


20 EUR (includes guides and tickets to all visits)

Meeting point:

"Treffpunkt" in Bern train station, 9:00

Approximate schedule

 9:00  departure from the “Treffpunkt” (meeting point) in Bern’s train station
 12:00  end of the visit

© Armand Baeriswyl