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Public Transport

Bern is a walkable city with a convenient and efficient public transport network (buses, trams, regional trains). Due to its compact size, Bern’s city center can be explored on foot. The walking distance from the city center to the University varies between 5 and 20 minutes.

Tickets for Bern public transport can be bought at machines and in the LIBERO shop at Bern main station. No tickets are sold on buses and trams. In addition to the normal tickets, and the multiple journey tickets, Bernmobil also sells short journey tickets at a more affordable price. The ticket machines at the tram and bus stops show which routes the short journey ticket is valid for.

Overnight visitors don’t need to worry about tickets in Bern. From your first overnight stay in tourist accommodation in the city, you will receive a Bern Ticket for your whole stay. This lets you travel for free in zones 100/101 operated by LIBERO. The Bern Ticket also includes the Gurten funicular, the Marzilibahn funicular and the lift to Bern’s cathedral platform, as well as your journey to and from Bern Airport.

On the day you arrive in Bern, your reservation confirmation counts as a transfer ticket from the train station or Bern Airport to where you are staying. You will receive the Bern Ticket when you check in. It is only valid if fully filled in. If asked, please show your ticket to the ticket inspector.

Download Plan of public transport in Bern:

Public transport plan
(Adobe PDF File)