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Experience warm Swiss hospitality at its very best! Regardless if you are looking for a business hotel, bed & breakfast or just a simple inn, Bern’s wide range of different accommodation options has something for every taste and budget. Various hostels and different camping grounds offer inexpensive accommodation in unique settings.

A room contingent has been reserved for your stay in Bern. All hotels are either near the location of the Annual Meeting or around the city with a very good connection by public transport. Please use the following link to view and book different accommodation options via Bern Welcome, the local tourist organisation:

For details please check:


Hotels in Bern

There are over 30 hotels with a total of 2500 rooms in Bern city. All facilities are centrally located and easily reached, allowing guests to relax after an intensive day. Experience the architectural splendor and historic charm which make the Swiss capital unique. 


Bern Ticket

From your very first overnight stay in a tourist accommodation in the city of Bern, you will receive a Bern Ticket for your whole stay, which lets you travel for free on public transport in zones 100/101 operated by the LIBERO Association.

It also includes the famous Gurten funicular, the funicular Marzilibahn, and the elevator to the Minster terrace, as well as travel to and from Bern-Belp Airport. On your day of arrival, your reservation confirmation can be used as a transfer ticket from the station or the airport of Bern to your accommodation.

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