One Day Excursion - Vilars d’Arbeca and Seu Vella

4 September

Fort of Vilars d’Arbeca (Les Garrigues)

This fort built during the Early Iron Age (approximately 775 BCE) is located on a plain in an area with plentiful water and fertile soils. The site is noted for its impressive defences: a wall with fourteen towers, a barrier of sunken stones and a moat equipped with hydraulic constructions that ensured it was floodable. During more than 400 years, the site underwent a series of urban modifications, whose remains are a testament to the transformations of the Ilergetan community, which was dedicated to agriculture and animal husbandry and inhabited the fort until it was abandoned in 300 BCE.

Seu Vella de Lleida - The Old Cathedral of Lleida

The monumental ensemble of La Seu Vella is strategically situated in the middle of Lleida on a hilltop site dominating the city and the plain of Lleida. It consists of the old cathedral (Seu Vella), the King’s Castle (La Suda), a fortification that surrounds the hill, and archaeological remains from the Iberian, Roman and Muslim periods. The old cathedral is the most important monument, an example of Catalan architecture from the 13th century. The King’s Castle, also known as La Suda in reference to the Andalusian fortress dating from the 9th century, was built between the 12th and 14th centuries. It was a royal residence and important political and administrative centre, where different Corts (the legislative body of the Crown of Aragon) met up. The fortifications include bastions, stretches of wall and tunnels dating from the Early and Late Modern periods.


08:00  Departure from Barcelona (Plaça Universitat) by bus
10:00   Arrival to Vilars d'Arbeca and guided visit to the Iron Age Fortress
12:10  Departure from Vilars d'Arbeca (by bus)
13:00  Lunch in Lleida
14:30  Guided visit of Seu Vella
16:20  Departure from Lleida
18:20   Arrival to Barcelona (Plaça Universitat)

Fee: 95€

Fee includes lunch in a restaurant with traditional Lleida cousine (snails, grilled meat, sausages, "cassoles", stews...)

Seu Vella de Lleida. ©Josep Giribert. Departament de Cultura, Generalitat de Catalunya. CC BY-NC 2.0

The Iron Age Fortress. ©GIP-UdL