Half Day Excursion - Abric Romaní - Rock Shelter Romaní (Capellades, Anoia Region)

9 September

The Abric Romaní rock shelter is one of the most prominent Middle Palaeolithic sites in Europe. Discovered in 1909, it has accumulated a significant body of research and achieved global importance. The depositional sequence, with a thickness of approximately 20 metres, documents sedimentary processes and environments dating back 40,000 to 79,000 years. There are 27 observable archaeological levels with evidence of anthropic occupation from the Middle Palaeolithic (Homo neanderthalensis), with the exception of the first level, corresponding to the Upper Palaeolithic (Homo sapiens). A seasonal habitation site has been identified showing Neanderthal inhabitations that point to a rich material culture, as well as nearly two hundred hearths that have shed light on space usage strategies and fire technology.


08:30  Departure from Barcelona (Plaça Universitat) by bus
09:30   Arrival to Capellades, guided visit of Abric Romaní
12:00  Departure from Capellades
13:00  Arrival to Barcelona (Plaça Universitat)

Fee: 35€

Abric Romaní. ©Teo Gómez, Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0