Calendar for EAA members

  • 13 May - Preliminary version of scientific programme announced on EAA2022 website
  • 31 May - Deadline for booking a stand at European Archaeology Fair
  • 1 June - European Archaeological Heritage Prize submissions deadline
  • 1 July - Early Career Achievement Prize submissions deadline
  • 11 July - Deadline for last cancellation (no refund after this date)
  • 11 July - Regular rate of Annual Meeting registration fee ends
  • 1 August - EAA Student Award submissions deadline
  • 2 August - EAA Secretariat sends out ballot papers to current Members
  • 31 August - 3 Sept - EAA 2022 Annual Meeting in Budapest
  • 2 September, 12:00 CEST - Deadline for submitting votes in EAA election

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EAA Statements on the conflict in Ukraine

24 March 2022: The EAA is signatory to the Statement on Ukraine from Archaeological Organizations Worldwide

4 March 2022: Open communication and cooperation are core to how the EAA works and what we seek to achieve, but challenging times necessitate taking a stand. We strongly condemn the aggression of the Russian and Belarussian governments on Ukraine. For this reason, we suspend institutional cooperation with Russia and Belarus until further notice.

We will continue to support every individual in need who is victimized because of the above-mentioned aggression, regardless of their nationality. In that spirit, Ukrainian colleagues are cordially invited to attend the 28th EAA Annual meeting without paying the membership and registration fees. Colleagues in Russia and Belarus have the option of attending, but only in their capacity as individual (non-affiliated) EAA Members. Details for these arrangements will be circulated in due course. Colleagues from Russia and Belarus who do not support this war have our deep respect. We are closely following the progress of this tragic situation and we will adjust our reactions accordingly.

24 February 2022: On this day, the 24th of February 2022, our thoughts are with Ukraine and its people. EAA follows the unfolding aggression with great concern, and stands with all the innocent. We stand for saving lives, saving cultural heritage in the entire territory under attack. We hear the voice of colleagues who might be in danger or in need, and we are offering our broad network to assist.

The EAA fully endorses the statement issued by Europa Nostra, the statement issued by scholars from more than 30 European countries, the Open letter from the President of the Conference of INGOs on the war against Ukraine and related statements and initiatives.

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In Case You Missed It…

Win Scutt (EAA Social Media Editor)

What is going on in the world of archaeology? See above map for the locations of the selected highlights linked below. This map was generated using ESRI ArgGIS Pro software and basemaps. The inset shows location of the wreck of the Endurance; not to scale.

  1. Helmets from 6th century BCE battle of Alalia when Greeks defeated Etruscans and Carthaginians discovered in temple ruins at Greek colony at Velia, in southern Italy
  2. Strange object, found next to the body of a man in a tomb 3000 BCE, now identified as a musical instrument, the oldest ever found in Italy
  3. A previously unknown Roman amphitheatre has been discovered during archaeological monitoring of construction in Kaiseraugst, Canton Aargau, Switzerland
  4. Archaeologists working on UK's HS2 construction find 40 beheaded Roman skeletons with skulls between their legs
  5. Bronze Age burial mound found under Oxford college during archaeological excavations
  6. Parasites identified from concretions inside a 5th century pot from a Roman villa in Sicily show that it was used as a chamber pot. Journal of Archaeological Science. University of Cambridge
  7. Archaeologists discover major Roman mosaic in London
  8. Ernest Shackleton’s ship Endurance found off coast of Antarctica
  9. A new analysis of shipwrecked metals inscribed with Cypro-Minoan markings suggests the objects found on a shipwreck off the coast of Israel originated in Sardinia, some 1,550 miles away 
  10. Archaeologists in the UK have identified evidence of 2,000-year-old Roman beer production
  11. Remains found in the Rhône Valley, dating back 54,000 years, may be earliest evidence for archery outside Africa
  12. A mosaic believed to be part of a villa once owned by sixth-century AD Ostrogothic 'emperor' Theodoric the Great has been unearthed outside Verona, Italy

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A Chat with the Secretariat over TEA: Sylvie Květinová

TEA: What drives your work for the EAA?

S. Květinová: Archaeologist by education, I started working for the EAA in 2005. As the sole employee, I soon knew most of the approx. thousand current EAA Members personally. At that time, the EAA was a sort of extended, wide family, and my motivation was based precisely on that - direct contact with Members. The membership growth in the 2010s brought about the need for development of the EAA Secretariat in terms of online membership management and additional staff: Krisztína, Katka, Alena and Sára. While the EAA service provided to Members improved (I hope you agree) and I was able to focus more on internal EAA governance and support to the Executive Board, I missed contact with and feedback from the Members.

Ironically, the COVID-19-induced boom of online meetings brought part of the ‘direct’ contact back, and while I no longer know all 3000 current EAA Members by name, interaction with many is easy and relaxed even though we have perhaps never met in person.

TEA: How do you envisage EAA’s future?

S. Květinová: The EAA’s future is again a paradox from an employee’s point of view. Clearly, the tendency is towards self-managed online services, which Members can use at any time without staff support or intervention. Members may soon only know us through similar TEA sections!

TEA: What is the one piece of equipment that you can’t live without at work?

S. Květinová: Definitely my laptop, as currently it is THE communication channel with fellow staff and the EAA world. I am infamous for bringing my laptop anywhere at any time – perhaps I should consider addiction treatment.

TEA: What is the oddest fact about the EAA?

S. Květinová: Given that the EAA “only“ has about three thousand current Members annually, I was perplexed to learn that over the past five years, my colleagues and I sent more than one million messages to Members! We are grateful that you still read our emails!

TEA: Any advice to new EAA Members?

S. Květinová: Engage! We need enthusiastic, active Members to steer the EAA forward by participating in the EAA life, be it through involvement in EAA Communities, taking part in the election or attending the Annual Meetings.
Communicate! Tell us what you need, suggest improvements, share your concerns. The EAA Executive Board and staff is here for you.
Enjoy! I wish that the EAA is a safe, home-like place for all Members.

S. Květinová at the EAA Executive Board Meeting at Maastricht in 2017; photo by K. Kleinová.

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Image courtesy of S. Květinová