Leyre Morgado-Roncal

Nationality: Spanish
Professional associations: PhD student at the University of Granada
EAA member since: 2020

TEA: “Why do you do archaeology?"

L. Morgado-Roncal: “The simple answer is because I love it and it makes me happy. I have always been surrounded by archaeologists. I was 13 years old when I went on my first excavation, but it was four years later that I realized that I wanted to be a researcher in archaeology. My passion for antiquity and for past societies, heritage, and research motivates me every day. I like to think that archaeology chose me, and I cannot conceive of my life without it”.

TEA: “How do you see archaeology changing in the future?

L. Morgado-Roncal: ““I see archaeology becoming completely interdisciplinary, more inclusive and international. Archaeology presents complex realities, and a multi-proxy perspective is frequently needed. Consequently, in the future we will be observing more interdisciplinary approaches as well as international and inclusive research groups and topics. As far as outside academia, I hope archaeology becomes increasingly more a subject of public interest. In that sense, as archaeologists we have a responsibility to communicate knowledge about our profession to the public with rigor and tact. Social awareness is essential to preserve our heritage. However, to achieve this, we must also look outside of academia”..

TEA: “Describe your workspace in five words or less."

L. Morgado-Roncal:“Tidy, dusty, peaceful and small”.

TEA: “What is the one piece of gear that you can’t live without in the field?"

L. Morgado-Roncal:“Without a doubt, my boots. They let me explore and work no matter the conditions!”.

TEA: “What is your funniest archaeology story?"

L. Morgado-Roncal:“On my first excavation, I managed to save a perfect Levallois nucleus that had mistakenly been dismissed as a non-interesting stone. At a mere 13 years of age, I somehow noticed something that the adults and professionals had overlooked. We should not underestimate volunteers in archaeological excavations.”

TEA: “What archaeology literature are you reading right now?"

L. Morgado-Roncal:I just started my PhD, so I am reading everything related to textile archaeology that I can get a hold of. My PhD is focused on textile production and handcrafts in Lusitania (Hispania).”

TEA: “What is the most important and relevant part of your work?”

L. Morgado-Roncal: "Researching forgotten topics about which I am passionate is both highly fascinating and enriching for me personally. I have barely started to work professionally, but I already know that I will derive great pleasure from discussing, sharing my ideas and knowledge within academia as well as outside of it.

TEA: “Any advice to new archaeologists just starting out?”"

L. Morgado-Roncal: "Do not be afraid to follow the lines of research that excite you. As students, it is totally fine to feel lost and to even change your mind; that only means that you are trying to find your voice and your place in the profession. I believe passion and hard work are fundamental, as is believing in yourself.”

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Photo of L. Morgado-Roncal

Photo of L. Morgado-Roncal

Morgado-Roncal excavating in 2021 at Casa del Anfiteatro (Mérida, Spain). (Photo by M. Romero Muñoz).

Morgado-Roncal excavating in 2021 at Casa del Anfiteatro (Mérida, Spain). (Photo by M. Romero Muñoz).