Issue 62 - Autumn / Fall 2019

Published 18 November 2019

TEA 62
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EAA 2019 Bern – the 25th EAA Annual Meeting! Bern saw 1866 registered delegates attending 1747 presentations in 166 sessions. We thank the Organising Committee of Albert Hafner, Amelie Alterauge, Barbara Gerber, and Corinne Staeheli, the members of the Organizing and Scientific Committees, volunteers, and the EAA Secretariat for their efforts in making EAA 2019 Bern a success. Next up is Budapest in 2020. You can read the Welcome from EAA President Felipe Criado-Boado on the EAA website, and we are looking forward to visiting Budapest. As this issue of the newsletter was going to press, the call for sessions was extended until 11 November 2019 – and be sure to watch for the call for papers!

This issue of TEA includes several important documents, including the 2019 EAA Bern Statement on Archaeology and the Future of Democracy, and a letter from the EAA Executive Board to the President of Republic of Columbia regarding underwater cultural heritage (the English version herein was accompanied by a Spanish version). As always, this issue contains the Minutes of the Annual Membership Business Meeting and a report of the EAA President's Working Lunch. Esa Mikkola is the new EAA Treasurer, and we thank Margaret Gowen Larsen for the years she has spent working to maintain a sustainable EAA treasury, as well as her work to sustain membership confidence in the EAA Executive Board. Fortunately for EAA, Margaret Gowen Larsen has demonstrated her continued concern for and willing support of the EAA by allowing herself to be co-opted as EAA Secretary for the 2019-20 period, following the unfortunate loss of EAA Secretary Karen Waugh. A new Secretary will be elected in 2020. We also thank outgoing Executive Board member Maria Gurova for her two terms of service to EAA. Hrvoje Potrebica was re-elected to the Executive Board, and we welcome Maria Mina as a new Executive Board member. These and other developments are reported in the Minutes of the AMBM.

Elsewhere in this issue, you will find announcements of the 2019 EAA European Archaeological Heritage Prize and the 2019 EAA Student Award, session reports, research news from Çatalhöyük and Bronze Age Hungary, and a call for book reviewers for the European Journal of Archaeology. The award of the 2019 Archaeological Heritage Prize for an individual to Osman Kavala, Turkish philanthropist and heritage protector, has received many positive reactions in Turkey and across the world (as reported by Carsten Paluden-Müller). As noted in the award, Kavala is recognized for “his dedicated and untiring promotion of knowledge, protection and preservation of endangered cultural heritage in Turkey”. He has been held in prison since October 2017, despite not being convicted of any crime.

See ‘Greetings from Belfast!’ with news about the 28th EAA Annual Meeting in 2022. We also direct your attention to the success of the 2019 Archaeology Days across Europe 2019; details about how to contribute in 2020 can be found in the announcement section. In our end pages, find Amanda Chadburn’s notes of the first Annual Meeting of the EAA in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, in 1995, a tribute to Karen Waugh, and photos from past EAA conference.

Sadly, we also include an obituary for Leo Klejn, who passed away on 7 November 2019. We are looking for ideas for a new end page theme for TEA. E-mail us your suggestions or ideas, as well as any announcements of events, new books, and research projects, conference reports, or debate responses to The deadline for the TEA Winter 2019/20 issue is 15 January 2020.

Roderick B. Salisbury and Katharina Rebay-Salisbury

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