Issue 57 - Summer 2018

Published 31 July 2018

TEA 57 - Summer 2018
(Adobe PDF File)


EAA 2018 Barcelona is less than two months away! The final version of the scientific programme is available to be downloaded as a pdf. We hope that all of you have made arrangements for your transportation and lodging (almost 3000 delegates as this issue of TEA goes to press!).

While all this has been going on, your Executive Board members have also been busy promoting the importance of archaeology and archaeological heritage, and representing the Association. President Felipe Criado-Boado signed the Gran Canaria Recommendation on Astronomical Heritage and Sacred Places on behalf of the EAA. The recommendation is included in this issue of TEA for members to read. Executive Board member Esa Mkkola represented EAA at the European Cultural Heritage Summit in Berlin (June 18-24), and Hrvoje Potrebica also attended the Berlin Cultural Heritage Summit; both will report on their experiences in a future issue of TEA. President Felipe Criado-Boado subsequently signed the Berlin Call to Action on behalf of the EAA. Maria Gurova attended the UISPP Congress, and her report on that event is included in this issue of TEA.

In this Summer 2018 issue of TEA, we have the report from the UISPP 2018 meeting in Paris, a report about the EAA Secretariat's role in organising the Barcelona 2018 Annual Meeting, the text of the Berlin Call for Action resulting from the first ever European Cultural Heritage Summit, the text of the Gran Canaria Recommendation on Astronomical Heritage and Sacred Places, several announcements and a Call for Papers, and a summary of EAA publications. We are sorry to report that this issue also includes an obituary; European archaeology has lost a good colleague, Vito Francesco Polcaro.

We also remind you that the EAA Annual Membership Business Meeting (AMBM) will be held in Barcelona at 18:40 on Friday, 7 September. We hope to see many of you there, to hear about recent developments in the EAA and to give your opinions and concerns to the Officers and Executive Board.

The EAA has a new email address to help answer your general questions about the Association: will ensure prompt replies to your queries regarding EAA membership, Annual Meeting or anything related to EAA. Our next issue, Autumn 2018, has a deadline of 15 October 2018. Send your reports from the meetings in Barcelona on session, round tables, committees, or the AMBM, on the state of archaeology in your country or region, reports on important threats to European archaeological heritage, research updates and announcements to us at We look forward to seeing you in Barcelona!

Katharina Rebay-Salisbury and Roderick B. Salisbury