Issue 56 - Spring 2018

Published 28 May 2018

TEA 56 Spring 2018
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EAA 2018 Barcelona is three months away! The past several months have been very busy times for the conference organizers and scientific committee, for the EAA Secretariat, and for the Officers and Executive Board.  As this editorial is being written, we have 2786 registered delegates for Barcelona! This is the first year that the registration, time scheduling, programme development, among other tasks, have been done by the Secretariat, and with a larger than average number of delegates to organize, they have done a remarkable job. The preliminary version of the 24th EAA Annual Meeting in Barcelona academic programme is available online.

The EAA has a new email address to help answer your general questions about the Association. will ensure prompt replies to your queries regarding EAA membership, Annual Meeting or anything related to EAA.

While all this has been going on, your Executive Board members have also been busy promoting the importance of archaeology and archaeological heritage, and representing the Association. Our President Felipe Criado-Boado, attended the Europa Nostra council in Paris (May 7-8). He returned with a strong sense of optimism within Europa Nostra that that European Year of Cultural Heritage (EYCH 2018) will have a positive and lasting impact on EU policies regarding heritage and culture. He also reported on the continuing development of constructive relations between the EAA and Europa Nostra.

Speaking of the EYCH 2018, if your institution is doing something special to celebrate European heritage, please let us know! Send a short report, even just a few hundred words and a photograph, to be included in an upcoming issue of TEA.

In this Spring 2018 issue of TEA, we have two important essays detailing cultural heritage in Europe. The first, “El Born, Barcelona: you are about to visit 8,000 square meters of public archaeology on action” by Laia Colomer, presents the political, cultural and archaeological history of Barcelona’s El Born heritage site. The second details a proposed amendment to the Federal Act on the Protection of Nature and Cultural Heritage NCHA in Switzerland by Andrea Schaer. Among the announcements, reports, and calls for papers is the announcement of the European cultural heritage summit 2018, a key public event of the EYCH 2018, to be held in Berlin from 18-24 June. There is also an invitation to apply for the Editorship of our journal, the European Journal of Archaeology.
We remind you to consider submitting nominations for the European Archaeological Heritage Prize 2018 and the 2018 EAA Student Award. Details can be found in this newsletter or online at the Awards section of the EAA.

We also remind you about the EAA THEMES volumes. Volume 5 Conflict Archaeology was recently published, and EAA members can buy all THEMES volumes at 30% discount (see the EAA THEMES page).

Our next issue, Summer 2018, has a deadline of 1 July 2018. Send your reports on the state of archaeology in your country or region, reports on important threats to European archaeological heritage, research updates and announcements about workshops and conferences to us at We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Katharina Rebay-Salisbury and Roderick B. Salisbury