The European Association of Archaeologists awards the 2014 Student Award of the European Association of Archaeologists to Can Aksoy and Ziyacan Bayar for their paper

Archaeological Ethnography of the Battle of Aslıhanlar (29-30 August 1922): A Case Study of Public Archaeology, Visual Storytelling and Interactive Map Design.

This paper is co-authored by an archaeologist and a graphic designer. It describes their collaborative research at Aslıhanlar – the site of a decisive battle fought between Turkish and Greek forces in 1922 during the Turkish War of Independence. Their work has involved not only an archaeological survey of the site, the study of documentary sources, and the recording of oral traditions, but also the experimental design of a visual storytelling space and interactive map intended to collect multiple historical perspectives on the battle, which they hope to make accessible to the public online. This research represents a valuable trans-disciplinary contribution to both conflict archaeology and public archaeology. Furthermore, in discussing the theoretical and practical challenges of their research, the authors have produced a paper that is well-informed, interesting, innovative, and well presented.

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