The European Association of Archaeologists  awards the 2013 Student Award of the European  Association of Archaeologists to Oliver Dietrich for his paper  Learning from ‘scrap’ about Late Bronze  Age hoarding practices: a biographical  approach to individual acts of  dedication in large metal hoards.

Oliver Dietrich’s paper deals with a subject of European significance – Bronze Age hoards. It focusses on the large, so called ‘scrap hoards’ of the Late Bronze Age, which have generally been interpreted as raw material collected for re-melting. Dietrich reinterprets these as long-term accumulations of fragmented votive objects. More specifically, he interprets socketed axes filled with fragments of other objects as ‘miniature hoards’ within larger accumulations of fragmented metal. This outstanding paper successfully combines archaeological theory and practice. It is an original contribution to Bronze Age studies in general and to hoard research in particular. It is also well written, well informed and persuasively argued.

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