The European Association of Archaeologists instituted the EAA Student Award in 2002.The prize is awarded annually for the best presentation at the EAA Annual Meeting by a student or archaeologist, working on a dissertation. Presentations are evaluated for their academic merit and innovative ideas by the Award Selection Committee. The Committee consists of representatives of the EAA Executive Board, and is chaired by the General Editor of the European Journal of Archaeology. The Award consists of a diploma and one or more book vouchers. The winner of the award is announced at the Opening Ceremony of the EAA Annual Meeting. The winning presentation will be considered for publication in the European Journal of Archaeology (EJA). 

Students (including mature students), who present a paper or poster at the Annual Meeting, are encouraged to submit their presentations to the Student Award Selection Committee. BA and MA students are eligible for up to 9 months after they complete their degree; PhD students are eligible at any time before their viva/defence. All co-authors (up to a maximum of 3 co-authors) must prove their student status; presentations co-authored by a thesis supervisor must be accompanied by a statement from the supervisor as to the level of their input into the student’s research and into the paper submitted. The papers submitted must not have been published previously in a journal or presented at a previous Annual Meeting. The submitted text should be in article format suitable for the EJA: between 2000 – 8000 words including references, following the Notes for Contributors for the EJA). If the scientific merit of the submitted papers is considered too low, the prize will not be awarded.

Please email a covering letter, CV(s) and draft of the presentation (2,000 - 8,000 words, ideally following the Notes for Contributors for the EJA) to the EAA Senior Manager, Sylvie Kvetinová: (, before 1 August 2023.

2022 - Paloma Cuello del Pozo
2021 - Karen O'Toole
2020 - Samantha Leggett, and honorary mention to Tomas Janek
2019 - Annabell Zander
2018 - Hanna Kivikero
2017 - Emma Brownlee and Yftinus van Popta
2016 - Sian Mui and Shumon Hussain
2015 - Patrycja Kupiec, and special commendation to Christine Cave and Alex Davies
2014 - Can Aksoy and Ziyacan Bayar
2013 - Oliver Dietrich
2012 - Maria Leena Lahtinen
2011 - Heide Wrobel Norgaard
2010 - Camilla Norman
2009 - Pamela Cross
2007 - Goce Naumov
2005 - Marta Caroscio
2004 - Jonathan D. Le Huray
2003 - Anita Synnestvedt 
2002 - Laura M. Popova
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