Call for an EAA Social Media Editor

The European Association of Archaeologists (EAA) is a ‘not for profit’ membership organisation for archaeologists and other related or interested individuals or bodies in Europe and beyond. The Association aims to promote the development of archaeological research and practices, and the management and interpretation of the archaeological heritage. The Association has an international Executive Board supported by a Secretariat with three full time staff and one part time. The office of the Secretariat is based in Prague (Letenská 4, Praha 1). The official working language of the EAA is English.


EAA seeks to engage an editor in charge of social media to enhance the visibility of EAA for the whole community interested in archaeology, and to increase the functioning and action of the EAA as an organisation. To help with these tasks, the EAA Secretariat has recently engaged a new assistant for social media and administrative purposes.
Fully aware of the importance of this domain, the Executive Board of the EAA has decided to open a public call to select a social media editor as co-opted member of the Board, with similar status to the TEA editor/s.
The candidate is expected to highly mobilize, for the time being, EAA presence in Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. If possible, some attention could be also given to LinkedIn since it is quite prominent social network in the Heritage sector. The candidate will be helped by the current social media assistant and will exercise the strategic direction of the work of this staff member.


The candidate will need to:
  • be a current EAA member;
  • be motivated and intuitive;
  • have appropriate experience of social media;
  • have some expertise in the analysis of data and reach of social media action, taking advantage of the powerful analysis options that Facebook, Twitter and Instagram already provide to monitor the impact and the audience;
  • understand the dynamics of EAA ‘peak periods’ of activity, the different capacities of the EAA to produce contents (ExB decisions, EAA statutory committees, EAA Communities and Task Forces, Secretariat, EAA calls and deadlines, EAA publications and editors, and information from members); the priority messages and timing of those; the difference between different social media platforms and their ‘reach’; and anticipate in what circumstances social media presence will be critical;
  • interact with EJA and TEA Editors to coordinate actions; special attention will be given to the contents and articles on EAA publications (EJA, TEA, Themes and Elements) to promote them strategically through social media;
  • interact with media strategy (press releases, press conferences…) of the EAA;
  • integrate social media contents with the EAA website and keep an active liaison with webpage administrator;
  • provide periodic reports to the Executive Board and publish in TEA.

In addition, the candidate will be responsible to coordinate the social media of EAA Annual Meetings with the means and persons provided by the local organisation. This person will be in charge of publishing the EAA official information during the Annual Meetings and keep an overall coherent and recognizable strategy for the different Annual Meetings.

Finally, the candidate must have a good overview of the world of archaeology and to be able to discriminate the flow of news items and select what are the most appropriate external contents to share in the EAA social media.

Further details

The co-opted person:
  • will have the same benefits (free membership and small stipend) and status as the TEA editor/s;
  • will have access to a budget of 500 euro to pay for the basic custom services provided by the social media platforms;
  • will be covered by the EAA to attend Board meetings and Annual Meetings.

Deadline and decision:

Launch: 2 March 2020
Call ends: 6 April 2020

Evaluation: Candidates are expected to submit their CV and their proposals for the position to (subject: Social Media Editor).
The evaluation panel will be the President, Secretary, a Board and a staff member.
Selection will be made following Skype interview of the shortlisted candidates.
Decision will be announced by end May.

Term of office: maximum duration of two terms (3 years each) with a probationary period of 1 year.

Social media editor
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