Call for Campaign: #DearOsmanKavala


2 October is the birthday of Osman Kavala. On 8-9 October, the third hearing of the case, due to which Osman Kavala has been remanded in custody for almost two years with an indictment that is not based on any concrete evidence, will be held.

Osman Kavala has touched the lives of countless people through his contributions to civil society and his personal kindness. He has always supported civic engagement, democratic forms of expression, and equality of access to arts and culture.

With this campaign, we aim to remind people of these sides of Osman Kavala. Regardless of the degree of intimacy, we want everyone to share their memories, feelings, thoughts and even their artistic productions about Osman Kavala and express themselves as they wish.

We plan to convey our message through tweets shared under the hashtag #DearOsmanKavala (#SevgiliOsmanKavala).

Join us at the social media campaign we’ll launch on 25 September at 8:30pm via Twitter with your tweets under the hashtag #DearOsmanKavala.

For further information: