Opportunity to film a documentary

An Emmy award winning production company behind some of Netflix's greatest documentary film hits, is currently looking to make a history documentary. What we'd love to do is televise a major archaeological dig happening in 2024 and delve into the historical significance of the findings to bring this to an international audience.  

As an example, Netflix released ‘Cave of Bones’ earlier this year which took place in South Africa and followed paleo-anthropologist Lee Berger’s excavation of a cave. The premise of the film was that if Berger and his team could prove that the ape-like creature found there practiced burial rituals, it would change everything known about hominid evolution.  

Do you know of any major digs coming up in 2024 which pose a big question or could represent a significant discovery or advance our understanding of a specific period in history? If so please do drop a line to Producer Sonia: sonia.pavlovic@raw.co.uk