Invitation to apply for the post of Cambridge Elements Editor with the EAA


Cambridge University Press has approached EAA to propose Elements, a new series of digital publications that will complete the current range of EAA publications for the service of our members and Archaeology. Members of the EAA will be entitled to a 40% discount off of the price of individual volumes, available in paperback, in an Elements series EAA. Moreover, authors of volumes in the series and EAA will retain the right to post a manuscript version of their work on their personal and/or institutional website. This will also allow EAA to incorporate these manuscripts in the future open access repository of EAA.


Cambridge Elements are original, concise, authoritative, and peer-reviewed scholarly and scientific publications, organised into focused series edited by leading scholars, and providing comprehensive coverage of the key topics in disciplines spanning the arts and sciences. Regularly updated and conceived from the start for a digital environment, they provide a dynamic reference resource for graduate students, researchers, and practitioners.

The European Association of Archaeologists in cooperation with Cambridge University Press is seeking to appoint an Editor to organise and manage the publication of the Cambridge Elements series entitled “The Archaeology of the Europeans”. The series will span the period from the Palaeolithic to the present day, including Classical Archaeology. It will focus on archaeology of the Europeans and include themes related to European interactions in the World, such as slavery, colonialism, market and movements that made Europe as it is today. The position of Editor might be an individual person, or it might be shared by two persons.

The Cambridge Elements in Archaeology Editor will be expected to work independently in preparing Cambridge Elements in Archaeology project, to include 6 – 10 volumes of 20,000-40,000 words each per year, to be consulted with and approved by the EAA Executive Board, and thereafter cooperate with the authors of the individual volumes and the Publisher. The series will include 30 – 50 individual volumes to be published within a period of 5 years. A minimum number (around 10) to be guaranteed for delivery after year 1 in the contract.

The series Editor is responsible for developing the proposal, commissioning the volumes, and then vetting/officially accepting each of the volumes, with the assistance of Cambridge University Press. S/he has the option to create an editorial advisory board for assistance in identifying potential authors for the series.

The Cambridge Elements in Archaeology Editor will have prior editorial experience and demonstrable breadth of interests within Archaeology, as well as organisational skills to manage the editorial work. S/he will report to the EAA Executive Board and the Publisher.

The term of service will commence immediately upon appointment and will be for an initial period of five years, renewable if relevant. To enable recruitment of an appropriate successor, the notice period is 12 months.

Under appointment, the Editor should prepare a full project for the series that will be revised by CUP and the EAA Board.

The Cambridge Elements in Archaeology Editor will receive an honorarium of $2000 per annum (paid by CUP), and also be given a stipend to pay for an assistant (usually around $1500). The editor will also have complimentary access to the full Element series.

The Archaeology of the Europeans series will have its own home page. The EAA brand will be included on the page as the co-publisher of the project, thereby increasing EAA visibility.

If you would like to apply, please email the EAA Administrator ( and include a statement no longer than 500 words outlining your relevant experience and a proposal about 2000 words with your vision for the Cambridge Elements on “The Archaeology of Europeans”, including an intended list of titles and authors.

The deadline for the receipt of applications is Monday 5 June 2017. Selected candidates will then be interviewed by Skype.

Candidates’ proposals will be evaluated by a Panel constituted by EAA members with an outstanding research track and experience in publishing and editorial work. Upon information of the Panel, the Editor will be appointed by the EAA Executive Board.