EAA election 2023

The EAA Nomination Committee would like to invite you to consider nominating yourself or a colleague for one of the open positions in the 2023 EAA election.

The chart shows the current composition of the EAA Executive Board and Nomination Committee – positions that will become vacant for the election in 2023 are highlighted in bold italics and include the Incoming Presient, Secretary, two Ordinary Executive Board Members and a Nomination Committee Member. Completed nominations must be received at the EAA Secretariat before 3 April 2023 in order to be considered in the nomination process.

Position  Name Term of office                   
 EAA Executive Board                                                  
 President  Eszter Bánffy
 Incoming President
 Secretary  Sally Foster     
 Treasurer  Esa Mikkola 2019-2025
 Jesper Hansen
 Board Member  Ariane Ballmer
 Board Member  Amanda Chadburn      
 Board Member  Fedir Androshchuk  
Board Member  Maria Mina 2019-2025
 Board Member  Maria Taloni
 EAA Nomination Committee    
 Committee Member  Matija Črešnar        
 Committee Member  Gitte Hansen 2019-2023
 Committee Member  Cornelius Holtorf
 Committee Member (Young Professional)
 Marta Rakvin

Election of the Incoming President, Secretary and Ordinary Executive Board Members

Candidates for the post of Incoming President, Secretary and Ordinary Executive Board Member must be supported by 10 full individual current Members of the EAA. Complete nominations received will be forwarded for consideration to the Nomination Committee, which will then produce the list of candidates to be included in the ballot. The ballot papers will be sent to all full Members before 1 August 2023. The deadline for submitting votes in the EAA election is 1 September 12:00 CET (noon). Elected candidates’ term of office will be 2023 – 2026. The President is elected in the year before taking office, and will serve as Incoming President for one year (2023-2024).

Officers and Executive Board Members shall supervise, control, and direct the affairs of the Association, its Communities, publications, etc. (Statutes Art. VI.1). In their responsibility to develop and improve the Association, Ordinary Executive Board Member shall, among other duties,

  • take part in drawing up the EAA Strategic Plan and work in accordance with the current long-term Strategic Plan
  • assume responsibility for an assigned area of EAA activities; roles can be rotated within the Executive Board after election, i.e. candidates are not sought for specific roles
  • attend Executive Board meetings
  • promote the EAA in any relationship with other organisations
  • assist Scientific Committees of the Annual Meetings.

For full description of the general and particular roles of Executive Board members, please refer to the files available here

Election of Nomination Committee Member

Following the 2019 Statutes amendment, Nomination Committee Members shall serve for periods of four years, one retiring in rotation each year. Candidates running for a position on the Nomination Committee must be supported by 10 full individual current Members of the EAA. Nominations received will obviously not be forwarded to the current Nomination Committee but will be directly included in the ballot. The ballot papers will be circulated to all full Members before 1 August 2023. The deadline for submitting votes in EAA election is 1 September 12:00 CET (noon). The new Nomination Committee Member will serve the 2023 - 2027 term of office.

The EAA Nomination Committee is responsible for nominating candidate(s) for vacant positions on the Executive Board, and ensuring a broad representation with respect to geography, age, institutional affiliation and gender (Statutes Art. VII). Nomination Committee Members are expected to look for suitable candidates for election throughout the year and to communicate with fellow Committee members. Nomination Committee Members should have several years of experience as member of the Association and a good overview of their geographical area. Nomination Committee Members must be able to devote time to their task at certain times of the year, including a half-day meeting normally held in spring/early summer.

Appointment of EJA Editorial Board Members

A system of appointment rather than election was approved at the Annual Membership Business Meeting in Riva del Garda in 2009 for members of the European Journal of Archaeology (EJA) Editorial Board. Therefore, Members cannot put themselves forward for election to the Editorial Board but can express their interest to work on this board to the EAA Secretariat, who will then communicate it to the Executive Board, which is responsible for the appointment of new Editorial Board Members.

If you are interested in serving the EAA in any of the available positions, or if you have any suggestions for candidates, please send the completed candidate form  to the EAA Secretariat before 3 April 2023. These are challenging times for archaeology worldwide and EAA will need all the committed and talented people to address the challenges to our membership and to the profession.

Please contact the Nomination Committee at NomCom@e-a-a.org with any questions. If you have any doubts or questions, you can also attend online zoom chat  wiht the Nomination Committee members on 10 March 14.00 CET:


Passcode: 9063509