European Archaeology Days

The European Archaeology Days will take place on 17, 18 and 19 June 2022.  These three days will be used to raise awareness and familiarize European audiences with all aspects of archaeology. A range of original and festive events will be organized, to allow families, schools, students, history enthusiasts or the merely curious to discover their archaeological heritage. Visits to places that are not normally open to the public (excavation sites, research centers, archaeological collections, etc.), meetings with archaeological professionals (archaeologists, researchers, etc.), who will be describing their profession to the public, along with a range of entertaining and educational activities (an introduction to excavation, demonstrations, workshops, etc.), are just some of the wide variety of programs available at the European Archaeology Days.

The website will be opened on 14 February to allow the organisers to publish their programme. Organisers will be able to register in the organiser's area, and will have at their disposal communication tools to communicate and promote their activities. Each organiser will have to register on his or her country's page.

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