EAA - CIfA Cooperation

On 2 September 2017, the European Association of Archaeologists and the Chartered Institute of Archaeologists signed a Memorandum of Understanding, committing the two organisations to working together to promote the social importance of archaeology and the need to ensure robust professional values.

Felipe Criado-Boado, EAA President, who gave the keynote address to the CIfA 2017 conference, said

The EAA and CIfA share common values on professionalism, but their purposes and roles are different. We therefore welcome this opportunity to collaborate, each cooperating with the other on advocacy where policy or interests are common to both.

Peter Hinton, CIfA Chief Executive, said

Our two organisations are distinct, but complementary, and will work together to help archaeologists to improve the quality of their work. We are profoundly grateful to the EAA for its commitment to encourage archaeologists to become accredited by CIfA or an organisation that recognises professionalism in archaeology in the same way.

The Memorandum recognises that the EAA is an association for all archaeologists in Europe and beyond: it is a community which helps to improve archaeological method, practice and understanding by discussion with EAA members through its Annual Meetings and publications. The Memorandum also identifies CIfA as the leading professional body representing archaeologists, open to applicants from anywhere in the world and from any archaeological discipline: it accredits archaeologists as professionals, promoting high standards and strong ethics.

Both organisations have a commitment to professionalism and good practice in archaeology, and to promoting the social value of archaeology.

  • The EAA encourages the adoption of professional and ethical standards for archaeological work, and demands its members to agree to adhere to Association’s Codes of Practice and Code of Conduct. It is an association that any archaeologist and other related or interested individuals or bodies in Europe and beyond may join, providing a forum for pan-European debate on archaeology and fostering collaboration between archaeologists in Europe and beyond.
  • CIfA requires the archaeologists it accredits to continuously demonstrate competence and to comply with its Code of conduct and standards. It facilitates the discussion and dissemination of good practice.