Setting up of the new EAA Advisory Committees

The EAA Executive Board has decided to establish four non-Statutory, Advisory Committees, which will gather the expertise of EAA Members and Communities to serve as think-tanks, assisting the work of the Executive Board and the Statutory Committees in relevant matters. The EAA Executive Board herewith calls on EAA individual Members and EAA Communities to nominate candidates for the EAA Advisory Committees.

Please apply by filling in this form.

Committee Title Focus
Scientific Committee how we acquire knowledge of the past
Heritage Committee how we take that knowledge, assign meanings and values (including social value), significance, and put this into practice
Public Benefits Committee how we promote enjoyment and understanding, informed by understanding of values, significance, the impact of this, and how it then drives the desire to know more through scientific research
Education, Training and Professional Development Committee             how we train and support professional development of archaeologists at all stages of their careers to do the above


Each Advisory Committee will consist of a maximum of seven members (including the Chair but excluding the ex officio member of the Executive Board). The term of office will be three years, starting and ending at the time of the EAA Annual Meetings, or else nominally as of 1 September, with the exception of a) the representative of the current Annual Meeting Scientific Committee who will only serve 1 year, b) the first members of the Advisory Committees whose term of office will be staged in order to set up the rotation system. An EAA Advisory Committee member will serve for a maximum of two consecutive terms.

EAA Advisory Committees will include the following positions:

Count Position Conditions
1 Chair • appointed by the ExB, can be selected from outside the pool of nominations

• must be current EAA Member
3 - 4 Members • nominated by relevant Communities and EAA Members, selected by the ExB from the pool of nominations

• must be current EAA Member
(1 – 2)       External experts • co-option can only last until the next regular appointment, at which point the co-option is either renewed or terminated

• does not need to be current EAA Member
1 A representative of the current Annual Meeting Scientific Committee          • only applies to the Scientific Advisory Committee
1 Ex officio, ExB member, lead contact point with ExB

Selection process
The call for nominations is open from 13 December 2021 to 31 January 2022 - please apply by submitting this form to Each candidate must be current EAA Member and must be supported by at least 10 current EAA Members. The ExB will select the Advisory Committee members from the list of nominations, but can identify the Committee Chair from outside of this pool. Invitation letters from the President will be sent to prospective chairpersons and members of the Advisory Committees, including a representative of the 2023 Annual Meeting Scientific Committee, in March to April 2022. The appointment of Advisory Committees members and Chairs shall be accomplished by 1 June 2022 and establishment of the Advisory Committees announced to Members at the Annual Membership Business Meeting on 2 September 2022.