2017 EAA Annual Membership Business Meeting

The 2017 EAA Annual Membership Business Meeting will be held on Friday 1 September at 17:00 in Auditorium 1, MECC, Forum 100, 6229 GV Maastricht. All EAA members are welcome to attend.

Annual Membership Business Meeting Agenda

  1. Opening and welcome
  2. Minutes of the previous AMBM (appendix 2, circulated in TEA)
  3. Matters arising from the Minutes
  4. Strategic planning (appendix 4)
  5. Annual Report (appendix 5)
  6. Financial Report (appendix 6)
  7. Redefinition of A and B membership categories (appendix 7)
  8. Oscar Montelius Foundation report (appendix 8)
  9. Statutes amendment (appendix 8, circulated to members on 1 August 2017)
  10. Election results and report of the Nomination Committee
  11. New appointments (Editorial Board, Heritage Prize Committee)
  12. Publication news – EJA, THEMES, TEA (appendix 12)
  13. Reports from the Working Parties and Committees (appendix 13)
  14. Location of future Annual Meetings
  15. Announcement of the next Annual Meeting in Barcelona (2018)
  16. Any Other Business


Greyed out items may only be reported in written

Please note that the below appendices to the Agenda will not be available in print copy at the AMBM venue, but will be displayed on screen / presented during the AMBM.

Appendices to the agenda:

Appendix 04_Action Plan
(Adobe PDF File)
Appendix 04_Governance Plan
(Adobe PDF File)
Appendix 12_EJA Report 2017
(Adobe PDF File)
Appendix 12_TEA Report 2017
(Adobe PDF File)