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Established: 2018
Last renewed: 2021
Sonja Grimm (
Annemieke Milks (
Silje Evjenth Bentsen

The greater part of prehistory – the Palaeolithic and Mesolithic periods – stretches back millions of years, long before the beginning of farming around 10 000 BC and its gradual spread around the globe. The archaeological evidence of these periods originates from numerous different hominin populations living as hunter-fisher-gatherers and it differs in many respects from that of later periods. Their records – mostly knapped lithic artefacts – are relatively sparse, taphonomically complex, and selectively preserved. Moreover, for these periods, the influence of climatic and environmental changes is highly significant. As a result, the study of the Palaeolithic and Mesolithic periods requires particular research approaches, often involving interdisciplinary collaborations.

The Palaeolithic and Mesolithic Community aims to:

  • Promote Palaeolithic and Mesolithic archaeology within the EAA
  • Promote the EAA among archaeologists studying the Palaeolithic and Mesolithic periods
  • Further integrate Palaeolithic and Mesolithic archaeologists into the European archaeological community as a whole
  • Organise and coordinate sessions dedicated to Palaeolithic and Mesolithic archaeology at EAA Annual Meetings, particularly including sessions of general interest allowing for wide participation
  • Create forums for discussion of research directions and issues of importance to Palaeolithic and Mesolithic archaeologists
  • Foster cross-European networks and collaborations
  • Bring together and reflect the plurality and diversity of research related to Palaeolithic and Mesolithic archaeology

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