Computational Modelling of Past Socio-ecological Systems (COMPS)

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Established: 2022
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Simulation modelling is increasingly used by archaeologists to reconstruct and understand past societies. They are successfully building and running simulations of agrarian production, trade, cultural transmission, settlement development and movement, to name a few. With the proliferation of modelling approaches, it is imperative that these simulations are made accessible and can be used as input for future research. The vision of the community is to provide a platform for all simulation modellers in the field of archaeology, to facilitate training of the next generation of computational modellers and to raise the profile of modelling work and thus improve communication and integration of the community within the wider archaeological audience. As a matter of principle, the community aims to follow and promote best practices set by the Open Science framework. Members of the group will organise an annual session at the EAA, organize a round table during the conference and engage in other activities, such as training workshops.

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Computational Modelling of Past Socio-ecological Systems (COMPS)
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