Community for 3D-technologies in Archaeology

About the Community

Established: 2020
Renewed: 2023
Marco Hostettler (

1. Mission statement
The EAA Community for the use and application of 3D-technologies in Archaeology strives for an active discussion of specific challenges connected with 3D-technologies in archaeology. The community aims at an active contribution in shaping the further development of the implementation of 3D-technologies in archaeological research.
2. Problem statement
3D-technologies have become increasingly widespread in archaeology and cultural heritage. Already in the 1990ies the technology has been developed and has accelerated since with growingly user-friendly software being available today. Especially the increasing processing capacities of new computers have contributed to an on-field application of these techniques and thus have led to an even more widespread use of 3D-technology. However, digitalisation and 3D-capture of sites and artefacts comes with specific risks and challenges such as:
a) the demand for large amounts of storage capacity;
b) the need of a working and maintained archiving environment which ensures long-term preservation;
c) the need to ensure interoperability and the possibility of data exchange and access, and
d) the related issue of data property and accessibility, also in connection with research conducted in non-European countries.
Furthermore, part of the establishment of new technologies is the search for new ways and methods to enable novel insights and to gain additional knowledge.
To tackle these issues the community will foster critical discussion of the challenges by bringing the topics to EAA’s Annual Meetings on a regular basis. The main task of the community will be to organise sessions on the described topics at EAA Annual Meetings and to publish the papers held. Additional activities may be determined by the community.

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Community for 3D-technologies in Archaeology

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