Climate Change and Heritage (CCH)

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Established: 2017
Last renewed: 2023
Peter F. Biehl (
Mairi Davies (
Vibeke Vandrup Martens (

We take it as a given that archaeology and the archaeological and cultural heritage of which it is part have much to offer efforts to address climate change: from palaeoclimatic data to models of adaptation and the roots of the modern global system within which modern climate change has developed. Evidence to date is showing that climate change presents an array of challenges for archaeology – from loss from erosion, fires, sea level rise, to disconnection due to migration and loss of contact of affiliated communities, and damage deriving from conflict and other social changes. If we understand climate change as a whole-of-society problem, then the fields of archaeology and heritage alone cannot realize its potentials for climate change or solve its challenges. The EAA Community on Climate Change and Heritage aims to (1) discuss guidelines and an action plan with regard to the archaeological heritage; (2) explore ways to translate fundamental archaeological research into actionable science to inform decision making as well as monitor climate change as it relates to archaeology and heritage; (3) formulate recommendations and best practices concerning ways to enhance the EAA’s effectiveness in addressing the multiple challenges posed by climate change to archaeological heritage; and (4) to formalise collaborations with other international associations such as SAA, WAC, AIA, UISPP and others.

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Climate Change and Heritage (CCH)   
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