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The Round Table recognized the continued need to monitor and track developments in the legislative/ organizational fields in Europe, and to facilitate communication of these developments among archaeologists in Europe.

Established: 2000
Last renewed: 2016
Jean-Paul Demoule (

Particular trends and issues:

  • Free market pressure on organisation of archaeology 
  • Importance of quality control and professionalism both nationally and at European level, whatever system is operating
  • Need to influence international agendas of bodies such the EU, Council of Europe, UNESCO
  • Need for good information on what international bodies are doing with potential impact on historic environment, particularly with regard to EU
  • Need for more statistical information on impact of change on archaeology and how this is dealt with

The Round Table also recognized that these concerns/ opportunities spread across several existing EAA Working Groups/ EAA Standing Committees (eg Standing Committee on Professional Associations), and that there is a need to work together between and at annual EAA sessions.

Round Table Recommendation

The Working Group should be reconstituted as a Standing Committee on Archaeological Legislation and Organisation in Europe, working closely with other relevant Standing Committees and Working Groups to:

  • monitor developments in archaeological legislation and organization in Europe
  • inform and influence international agendas and organizations (eg the European Union, Council of Europe, UNESCO)
  • identify activities of international organizations which will have an impact on the management of the historic environment
  • through the development of specific projects, and the identification of appropriate funding for them, quantify the impact of development and change on the historic environment in Europe, and the responses to these changes by archaeologists and other managers of the historic environment
  • advise and assist the EAA Board on these issues
  • hold a Round Table annually
  • brief the EAA membership on matters discussed at the Round Tables and also on other relevant matters

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