Annual meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists (EAA) 2017 in Maastricht


Clarification re. submission of papers and posters, 6th February 2017


Dear colleagues,


We wish to clarify that the submission of all proposals for papers, posters or other contributions is not dependent on payment for EAA membership at the time of submission or the payment of the conference registration fee at that time. All that is required is to set up an EAA membership account and conference account.


Please note: Once a paper, poster or other contribution is accepted, its place in the conference programme is dependent on both. Presentation at all EAA conference sessions is dependent on the presenter being a current (paid-up for 2017) member of EAA and a registered delegate at the annual meeting. This has always been the case. Presenters must settle both their EAA membership fee and conference registration fee before 30 April 2017.


The EAA is an open dynamic organization and it welcomes anyone who wishes to present and to join. EAA’s achievement and continuing ambition is to be a representative association for European archaeology and to speak for the archaeological community as a whole. 


We apologize for any misunderstanding that has arisen as a result of the lack of clarity in our description of the submission process.


Yours, prof.dr. Jos Bazelmans, on behalf of the Local Organising Committee .