267. Agglomerations. Towards a comparative understanding of settlement dynamics

The Iron Gates Mesolitic - a case of hunter-gatherer complexity? / Bonsall, Clive
Early cities of large villages?: quantitative narratives on eneolithic trypillia mega-sites / Nebbia, Marco
Young Neolithic Mega Sites of the Michelsberg culture in West-Central Europe / Gronenborn, Detlef
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Low-density urbanism in Iron Age Europe / Fernández-Götz, Manuel
What does “the Early Mediaeval Agglomeration” in East Central Europe mean? Some Theoretical Concepts and Practical Case Studies / Machacek, Jiri
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Agglomerations in the Early Medieval area of today’s Austria - a comparative study between the Alps and the Lowlands / Eichert, Stefan
The Midland Corridor – The appeal of a natural routeway for ritual and habitation activity in prehistoric and medieval Ireland / O’ Brien, Yolande
The agglomerations of the north western Mediterranean Iron Age and their dynamics: a casestudy (Malvieu, Southern France) / Gorgues, Alexis - Comte, Florent
Landscape impact of Late Antique and Medieval Towns / Schreg, Rainer
Theorising Urban Agglomeration in Predynastic Upper Egypt using Agent Based Modeling / Nitschke, Jessica
What makes them special? A statistical approach on the role of fortified Urnfield culture hilltop settlements / Girotto, Chiara G. M.
Was Thebes Really Necessary: Uncertainty in Spatial Modelling / Evans, Tim - Rivers, Ray
Iron Age and Early Medieval Centres – advantages and pitfalls of a comparative approach / Dresler, Petr - Danielisova, Alzbeta - Marik, Jan
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