EAA 2018 Barcelona Annual Meeting VIDEOS (FILMED SESSIONS)

Opening Ceremony (1 video)


66. Archaeological Investigation in Synthetic Worlds: Practical Applications of Theory and Method

211. Rock & Ritual: Caves, Shelters and Stones in the Ancient Mediterranean

223. Anthropomorphism in material culture and landscape: Approaching a fundamental of human cognition

275. Human-made environments – The development of landscapes as resource assemblages

325. Inhumations and cemeteries during the Neolithic: a comparative approach from Central to the South of Europe

384. The self-organization of archaeologists in Europe: roles and needs, responsibilities and legitimacy

481. Traditional and (alternative) new media: different ways to communicate upon Archaeology

506. Archaeology of Rock-Hewn Sites and Quarries: People, Stones and Landscapes

513. Bridging Oceans and Theoretical Approaches to Lithic Analysis

519. Mediterranean Cultural Diffusion in Prehistory

555. Using CIDOC CRM for archaeologists: from theory to concrete practices

592. Pathways to the Neolithic in Europe: Tracing the rhythm and spread of Neolithisation

598. Archaeology and Interdisciplinarity & Interdsciplinarity in Archaeology: Stories of a long and diversified journey (19th-21st centuries)

599. Interdisciplinary Approaches to Early Medieval Transitions

677. Communities, environment and resources: the structuration of cultural landscapes in prehistoric Sicily and the central Mediterranean basin

690. Woodland Archaeology: Approaches, Methods, Current Problems and Future Perspectives

711. Taking Conflict Archaeology beyond National Borders

750. Ancient and Medieval harbours – gateways between cultures and communities

24th EAA Annual Meeting in Barcelona - overview