TH1-12 - Costume Complex (Clothes and its Attire): Development, Relationships, Forms and Technologies in Time and Expanse
Jewellery on mosaics from Roman Africa. Functions, aims and reliability of representations / Anna Mech, University of Warsaw, Poland
Jewelry: decoration or a detail of construction? Theory and practice / Daiva Steponavičiene, PI Vita Antiqua, Vilnius, Lithuania
Possible reconstruction of female dress in Grobin-Baltic influence and Scandinavian fashion / Jansone Santa, University of Latvia
Two costume assemblages from the Dnieper region: on the reconstruction of identities / Vlasta Rodinkova, Institute of Archaeology, Institute of Archaeology RAS
Costume of deads or costume of livings? / Bogdan Iosif Ciuperca, History and Archaeology Prahova County Museum; A. Magureanu, Institute of Archaeology Vasile Parvan, Romania
Transformation of Zupan from military to elite element of the men's costume among gentry / Hanna Barvenava, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Minsk
The Eneolithic adornments as components of the costume. The case of Sultana-Malu Rosu cemetery / Roxana Sandu, National History Museum of Romania; Monica Margarit, University of Targoviste; Catalin Lazar, National Museum of Romania
One costume - complex meanings. Women's funerary dress in 12th-century North Estonia / Riina Rammo; University of Tartu, Estonia
Annular brooch in the context of the late medieval costume and worldview / Juraj Belaj, Institute of Archaeology, Zagreb, Croatia
Women's headwear from the burials ofthe III-IV centuries in Suzdal Opolie / Irina Zaytseva, Institute of Archaeology of RAS
Attire of the adornments: the main historical stages: natural, heavy-metal, jewelry, the accessory / Natalia Zhilina, Institute of archaeology RAS
Late Bronze and early Iron Age costumes in the Southern Baltic: unknown and unexplored / Katarzyna Ślusarska, University of Gdańsk, Poland
Small adults - forms of children clothes until 2nd half of 18th c. / Dawid Grupa, Institute of Archaeology, Nicolaus Copernicus University Torun, Poland
The variety of female textile funerary equipment from nineteen century (Biala Rawska - Poland) / Magdalena Majorek, Nicolaus Copernicus University Torun, Poland
Purses - amulets from territory of Tuva in I mill. BC as a phenomenon of cultural symbolization / Varvara Busova, Institute for the History of Material Culture, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
Sewed jewelry in Old Russian costume / Iuliia Stepanova, Tver State University, Russian Federation